/  05.25.2022

Pop stars possess certain qualities that are not just unique to artists, according to Kalan.FrFr. The West Coast native is shaking up the music scene in a big way with his distinct sound and sharp lyricism. After announcing that he signed with Roc Nation early last year, the rapper dropped his project TwoFr 2, which amassed over 107 million total streams. He is also gearing up to release a new project this summer and is currently embarking on his “Never Lose You Tour.” 

Kalan.FrFr spoke with REVOLT about the qualities that make a pop star (regardless of which industry they’re in), Roc Nation making him feel “comfortable,” and the elements of a good outfit. Tune into our chat below.

You have a record out called “Popstar.” Can you share three key qualities you believe are indicative of one?

Firstly, being yourself. Secondly, being proud of yourself. Thirdly, being a staple. You got to be an example. 

How would you describe your persona? 

I’m just being myself. It’s not like I’m acting no type of way. You just do what you think is right. Make mistakes. I don’t got all the answers. It’s okay to be human. It’s okay to be emotional. Embrace yourself. Just stand on it. Make sure you don’t come from a place of greed. You shouldn’t have no hate in your heart.

Who are some of your favorite pop stars? 

Michael Jackson, of course. He had a whole zoo in his background. But pop stars don’t have to be music artists either. I would say Deion Sanders, too, because he looked good, felt good, and played good. 

Do you think the world is finally ready to fully embrace the next generation of Black pop stars?

No because we know so much.The internet is a dangerous place and the most dangerous thing is a Black man that has information and knowledge. You know, the fact that we have so much access to so much knowledge and resources. I don’t think that the world is ready for the next generation of pop stars. Look how many rappers are into politics now. Look how many rappers are into the judicial system and trying to do something — whether it’s in electricity, banking, etc. They gave us all the keys to crypto and everyone hit crazy on there. Look how many people on instagram have a business now. I don’t think they ready but they ain’t got no choice. 

In an interview with Earmilk, you shared how you second guess everything. What’s one thing you haven’t second guessed as an artist? 

I don’t second guess beats. I hear it — it’s an emotional thing. I’m making music based on what’s happening right now. I also don’t write music. I just come up with the lyrics as soon as I hear the beat. So, the first beat you play — I won’t second guess it. Either I like it or I don’t. Everything else, I be scared

Before you signed with Roc Nation, what were you looking for in a label and how does Roc Nation provide that? 

I was looking for someone that believed in me as much as I believe in me. I really like a situation where I’m not just another name on the roster. Roc Nation made me feel the most comfortable. Honestly, I didn’t really know that I needed that.

When you go into a label, I knew there was certain stuff I needed help with — but, everything is obtainable. It’s the makeup of a generation of people as entrepreneurs, as hustlers … you meet the right people, you get anything. So at the time, it was just that they made me feel comfortable — like enough to grow up. I don’t feel signed. I know I be doing stuff that other artists can’t do at another label. I’m in the office hopping on Zoom calls. We in there ordering lunch on people’s phones. We playing around and shooting people with BB guns, all kinds of stuff. You can’t do that at a label — you’ll go to jail. I genuinely feel embraced. I’m earning my own keep. They don’t take that away from me. I’m still putting in the work.

You recently joked that you signed with the NY Giants, even posting a photo and workout clip with some of the players. On the business side, what’s a great piece of advice you’d give an athlete or upcoming musician when it comes to making a contract work in their favor? Are there any particular questions you should ask or things to look out for?  

I would say like with anything you doing, just know what you doing. Even if you don’t understand certain things in your contract, read it and use your context clues. You can Google anything and learn what it means, so know what you getting yourself into. 

If you had a chance, would you ever pursue a career in sports — even if it’s just for one season? Do you have a team in mind? 

If I can do it and still rap, I’ll do it. I want to own a team and play on it. If any team call me to workout, I’m hopping on a plane to workout. 

You already embarked on the “TwoFr Tour” with special appearances from Blxst, 1Take Jay, Mario, Rubi Rose and 808 Mafia. Now, your “Never Lose You Tour” is in motion. How has entertaining the fans been? Are there any dream special guests you want to bring out now or for a future tour?

I like people that mess with me. I’m saying that I feel like everything happens when it’s supposed to happen

Music will make you not dream as much. You can want to do a song with somebody and the reason why they can’t do it has nothing to do with them. It’s bigger than just you. I like that person and artist and I’ll see them in concert. If I’m a fan, I’m a fan. I don’t expect no extra perks. I’m hanging out with people that I’m fans of and that like me. 

How do you make sure you put on a memorable performance?

Just perform your heartbeat. Don’t be a robot — be present. Talk to them and embrace them. Let them know you care. I take a picture with every fan — meet-and-greet or not. I want them to know I care because they didn’t have to be there. The fans being there is changing my life. The least I can do is take a picture with you. It takes a couple seconds. 

What’s the vibe for the new album?

It’s literally a vibe. When you think vibe, you think of me. Everything you need will be packed in. It’s like a treasure chest — everything you need will be right there. 100% me. It’s all about receiving different energies. You’re about to get every feeling and emotion. You’re gonna be happy with me, cry with me and so much more — all the things we go through as humans, and you’ll embrace it. 

People’s attention spans are very short these days, with many listening to two-minute records and eight to 10 records per album. How do you make sure you create a song or body of work that keeps audiences engaged?

Be you. They are gonna like it or not. I can put a 10 minute song out  — if it’s hard, they’ll like it. I’m the type to put 20 songs on an album, whether it’s a double disc or dropping the deluxe album the next day. Sometimes my team will have to tell me to sit down (laughs) and pick out a few. But, being selective has helped me be a better artist because you begin to see what people want from you as an artist

You stay icy. Besides a good chain, what else do you think makes an outfit pop? 

Definitely the shoes. Feet is everything. If your feet not right, the fit isn’t right. You can have a fire outfit and bad feets — now your fit is messed up. Always wear Air Forces … it will save your life. 



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