If you’re ever looking for a solid feature and need your record to go crazy, everyone knows Ty Dolla $ign is the man to call.

The 40-year-old singer-songwriter and record producer has been blessing so many artists with collaborations and continues to give us quality music. The Beach House artist is heading to Las Vegas this weekend, where he is set to hit the stage alongside Anitta at Billboard MusicCon ahead of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

Prior to the show, Ty Dolla $ign chatted with REVOLT about his MusicCon performance, how the Billboard Music Awards will inevitably turn into a Diddy party, and how he would love to work with Issa Rae again.

You’re set to headline Billboard MusicCon alongside Anitta in partnership with Smirnoff. Let REVOLT know your preparation process for this big moment.

For this one, I’m probably just gonna crack open a little can of Smirnoff seltzer, the neon Seltzer and do some push-ups. Warm up my vocals and get out there and go crazy, man. I’m coming with the energy. I’m bringing out a couple of instruments. I’m gonna sing my ass off and I’m bringing the band. We’re gonna have fun. I can’t wait.

Partying with Ty Dolla $ign seems like a vibe. Set the scene. Besides bottles of Ciroc or DeLeon in the mix, what can one expect to happen at a Ty Dolla $ign party?

At a Ty Dolla $ign party, it’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna have the best people, the best music and the best vibe. And that’s all I can say (laughs).

Basically, when you get invited, you’ll see for yourself.


Diddy is hosting and executive producing the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Essentially, one of the biggest music moguls of all time is hosting one of the most prestigious nights in music. What are your thoughts on this huge moment and what do you hope he brings to the show?

Love, also known as Diddy, is my big homie. My big brother has taught me a lot. I love him and everything he’s been doing and I’m super excited for him. And you already know at a Diddy party, man … I know it’s the Billboard Awards, but now it’s a Diddy party and if you’ve never been to a Diddy party, man, it’s probably better than a Ty Dolla $ign party. It’s everything like I said at my party but just to the Diddy power because he’s a billionaire.

We know the BBMAs isn’t super Black or hip hop-oriented. Do you think with Diddy as host this year, the award show will become more inclusive and diverse?

Yeah, for sure. We all got to just merge it altogether, man. That’s the beautiful thing about music. And then Diddy, especially when you add him to it, we’re just all gonna come together as one. It’s not going to be about race or anything. It’s just gonna be about the music and a good time. So, I’m super excited that they chose Diddy. He was a great choice.

Anyone you’re excited to see this Sunday?

Of course! I’m ready to see The Weeknd, Doja Cat — just the squad. They all nominated for over 30 awards so that’s good. Let’s go!

You’ve said in an interview and it’s a known fact that if you’re featured on a single, it’s going to be fire. Is there an artist that you haven’t collaborated with yet that you would lend a feature to if they ask?

Yeah, I’m sure there is. Who have I not worked with that I really want to work with? Well, I have worked with him, but I just got to shout him out because the album is so good, man. Everybody go check out that new Kendrick Lamar. He killed it. Just hearing the growth in his lyrics and as a man is everything. I would definitely love to get back in with Kendrick and I’m super proud of him and everything he’s been doing.

When “Insecure” was out, each season featured one of your records. Clearly Issa rocks with you. How did that relationship develop and would you ever feature Issa Rae on a track? Has that ever been discussed?

It’s not been discussed but for sure. I love working with Issa. She’s definitely been a great person to work with and just a great person, period. Now how did we connect originally? She invited me on that show like a couple years ago, and it was just automatic. The chemistry between us is automatic. So, shout out to her and I would love to work again.

I conducted an interview with Syd thats is set to be released soon and she told me there’s an unreleased record that was supposed to be on Broken Hearts Club that didn’t quite make the album. While we anticipate that record dropping, hopefully soon, are there any records in the vault you have with other artists that you’re itching to drop for the fans?

Yeah, so many. I’ve been recording a bunch. I’ve been recording a new album, actually, and I can’t wait for that to drop. But as far as the features go, I’ve been working with everybody. I’m not gonna say any names because I know how people can be funny about how you present the thing to the fans for the first time, so I’m gonna keep my lips closed. But yeah, we definitely got some stuff on the way. It’s very exciting.

Since you are working on a new album, when can we get a single from you?

The new single is about to drop very soon. We were just talking about that. I just had a meeting about that recently. But know that I’ve been working very hard, and I’ve got some heat. Like, back-to-back ammunition ready.

You did have a fire joint album with Jeremih called MihTy and the joint album with DVSN. Can we ever expect a follow-up project to either of them?

Yeah, that could happen for sure. I’m friends with Jeremih, that’s my brother. And Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, those are my brothers. And if we get that time together like that again, I’m sure we will. Jeremih and I were working a lot with Hitmaka at the time. Every time we would show up to the studio, we would just do five songs anyway, and he’ll hop on one of mine or I’ll hop on one of his and next thing you know, we had a whole project. When it came to DVSN, this is at a time when we did Scorpion with Drake and he had a party down in Miami. I met Daniel, we talked about working and he actually pulled up and, like, pulled up on my tour because I had a studio bus. We did a lot of the project then and then we didn’t see each other for a long time. So when we finally did link back up, we were able to finish it. So, it’s just like that — we would just have to have time, you know, same city, but I’m sure it can happen.

People are so invested in your day-to-day life. Tell REVOLT what a typical day with Ty looks like?

It just depends what kind of day it is but right now … I woke up, I did five miles, like, I’m almost done with it right now. After that, I’m going to just eat something and get on this plane and head out to Vegas and get into some interviews and activations with my partners at Smirnoff, and it’s gonna be a fun day. Tomorrow, we got a show but I’m sure I’m gonna wake up, hop in the gym and then just go crazy with the fans. Probably go get something to eat because a lot of times we forget to eat.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month. With all the craziness in the world and I’m sure your packed schedule, what are some ways Ty keeps it together?

Just sticking with my family and I also have a pretty tight team as well. I’m not just out there with everybody. I think that’s what keeps me cool. There has been times in my career where I just hung out with a gang of people and did the whole entourage thing and did all that. But now, I think I learned all my lessons. And I’m just, you know, just me, my family and my team.

Do you have a favorite escape place where you go to collect your thoughts?

I usually go for a jog or I’ll go to the studio and the vocal booth.