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  /  04.25.2022

When Rick Ross is in the zone, anything is bound to happen.

In the case of the “85 South Show” incident, he explains how he was so “smoked out” that it led him to walk off set. A moment that Ross didn’t even realize had happened until the clip of his exit went viral on social media.

“I think I was just really in the zone,” said Ross during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.” “I was smoked-out good. I was in the zone. When I’m in the zone and get one of them money calls, I just ease out that muthafucka. And I’mma be honest, when I found out about it, it was already everywhere online. “I didn’t realize it. I was in the zone. I went to the bathroom, was on the phone, smoked one and you go outside and you just leave. Rozay just left.”

He further clarified that there was no ill will toward hosts DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean. He simply got a little too faded and made an exit without giving it a second thought.

“Them my little homes, too,” said the “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been” lyricist. “Them my little homies, and it was a cool interview. You know, we smokin’, we chillin’ and shit and, man, I was in the zone.”

When the episode took place on December 17, 2021, Ross laughed and joked alongside the hosts as he answered questions about the career he’s built within the rap game.

During the conversation, Ross eluded to the fact that he needed a break to use the restroom., however, once he took a sip from his cup and walked off camera to never return, hosts Chico, Karlous, and DC Young Fly were shocked.

Watch the well-known Rick Ross interview below.





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