This week, Pusha T sat down with Charlamagne Tha God in promotion of his forthcoming album It’s Almost Dry, which is currently led by the singles “Diet Coke” and “Neck & Wrist,” the latter of which also features JAY-Z and Pharrell Williams. During the interview, Pusha opened up about fatherhood, his place in hip hop, No Malice, and much more.

At one point, the conversation turned to Pusha T‘s late parents — his mother, Mildred Thornton, transitioned back in November, while his father, Gene Elliott Thornton Sr., passed on last March. It was at this time when the Virginia talent got emotional and transparent, while revealing that he continues to mourn his and his family’s loss to this day:

Dealing with grief, man, well, I think the one thing that’s helping me deal with grief right now, my parents passed four months apart…”

Charlamagne then chimed in, giving his opinion that “one couldn’t live without the other,” to which Pusha agreed and continued:

“Well, I look at it like that, yea … I just know I was good with my parents. Both of them. Like really good. So, I grieve selfishly. I’m grieving now. … They aight, I know it. … Legacy is everything right now for me. Because I understand that in their passing, you know, I have so many great things to reference, and with a tainted legacy, you don’t have that. You know, I think about my son, and he’s gonna be able to look at the legacy of his dad and be like, ‘Aw man, he was like amazing.’ ‘Cause that’s my goal. ‘Cause they were amazing.”

Pusha also compared losing his parents to losing someone to the streets, before Charlamagne decided to inquire about whether or not Pusha has gone to therapy to work through such a tragedy. He also revealed that his mother’s passing happened on the anniversary of Donda West’s death.

Check out the interview in full below.