Gunna shook the world when he released his highly anticipated album, DS4EVER, which debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. This isn’t his first no. 1 album, as his previous project, WUNNA, also nabbed the top spot. It’s safe to say the College Park, Georgia native has proven himself as an elite player in today’s rap game.

Clocking in at 19 tracks, DS4EVER serves as the fourth and final installment of his Drip Season series, reeling in all-star features from Future, Young Thug, Chloe Bailey, Drake, G Herbo, 21 Savage and more. Gunna is also at the center of a huge cultural movement thanks to his song “pushin P.” The viral phrase is being celebrated in full force, as we’re all reminded to always keep it “player” and never let negativity take hold.

Recently performing at the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl LVI victory party, the rising superstar is continuing to shut down stages and make history any time he gets on the microphone. He also delivered an epic, virtual hologram performance during this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend, playing a huge part in Hennessy’s newest activation, Digital House of Moves.

REVOLT caught up with Gunna, who was posted up in Los Angeles the same day he released his “you & me” music video starring the beautiful Chloe Bailey. Read below as we discuss his partnership with Hennessy, “pushin P” going viral, his collaboration with Chloe, how Drake landed on “P power,” Rihanna’s Gunna-inspired Halloween costume, and more!

How are you feeling?

I’m doing good. I’m feeling good, just been chillin’. Working, doing shows.

You performed for the Los Angeles Rams’ victory party after the Super Bowl. How was it?

It was lit. It was different. I never did a Super Bowl after-party for the winning team, so it was lit.

Were you rooting for the Rams?

Yeah, I was rooting for the Rams. I was #TeamRams already, before they won. L.A. is like my second home. So anything L.A., I’m already with it. It’s home — just like Atlanta.

Can you tell us about your All-Star Weekend performance and partnership with Hennessy? That’s huge.

Right, it’s big! It’s never been done before. I love doing stuff like that. Hennessy teaming up with me — we already had history in the beginning, but now it’s time to come into a partnership where we’re growing. I like the relationship we’ve developed. And Bleacher Report, they always post my music. I already been fucking with them just because they support me. I was happy to do it. It’s a vibe.

What was doing a holographic performance like?

It was something I never really did before, but it was cool. It was quick. We didn’t really take long to do it, but it was still creative. They showed me how it really worked. It was just something different. I enjoyed the experience.

What’s your favorite thing to do off the Henny?

Hennything can happen when you drinking, like, hennything. That has been a common thread of nights off the Henny. Hennything can happen. I’m serious (laughs).

The world is “pushin P” because of you! Did you anticipate the song going viral?

It was kind of already anticipated because of our lifestyle — us pushin’ P before it even was on a record. That’s what already gave it a buzz — people inside, real P’s. If you know, you know. So when it came to the song — oh yeah, ‘we been pushin’ P.’ Then we had people who were new to pushin’ P start liking it because we already seen a few familiar faces pushin’ P.

Which celebrity cosign were you most excited about?

Kim [Kardashian]. Kim was a big one. Nike. IHOP. Man, they pushin’ P in Korea. They pushin’ P across the border in Japan. They pushin’ P everywhere around the world, and it’s still going. News reporters pushin’ P — it’s turned into a real cultural thing now.

How does it feel to have kids repeating the phrase?

It’s a lot of kids saying it for sure, too. I just met this dude who works at RTA. He called his wife. His daughter, who’s 9 months old, goes crazy when she hears that one song. He said, ‘Bruh it’s crazy, she’s 9 months and she’s pushin’ P’ (laughs).

What was the best memory from that music video?

Every part of the video was lit. We shot the video in one day and put it out the next day. My real day one fans, they knew the scene because I was recording it on IG Live like, ‘Yeah, we shooting the ‘pushin P’ music video right now. It’s coming out tomorrow!’ Came out the next day.

Wow, is your work ethic that crazy?

Yeah, I’m pretty good at working (laughs).

What are your thoughts on the Bay Area artists feeling some type of way about the “P” lingo?

I just think everybody got a history of pushin’ P, but it wasn’t being said as ‘pushin’ P.’ Everybody comes from pimp/player shit. Some maybe aren’t taking it lightly, like, ‘Damn, okay he didn’t shout us out.’ But I’m not from the Bay. I wouldn’t have known that unless I was growing up out there. Some Bay people understand — they have the common sense to understand they pushin’ P over there. They ‘pushin’ P’ like how everybody likes ‘cap.’ It’s just a saying, it’s a word. It’s a wave, everybody gets used to it.

How does it feel to have the “you & me” video out?

It was special for it to come out for Valentine’s Day. It was more lifestyle. We went shopping at H.Lorenzo. I had Spike Jordan shoot it too, and he helped direct it. We shot all the scenes in L.A. in one day. It was a pretty quick shoot. This was everything that I wanted to happen.

I think everyone can attest to listening to DS4EVER, then all of a sudden hearing Chloe’s voice and thinking, “Who is this?!” Talk about making a record for the ladies.

The song is doing good. It was something different. It was unexpected for my fanbase and even hers too. Because, historically, I never seen her do a song with different rappers. I wanted to do something different and bring it into both of our worlds — let them know how both of us are really creative artists because she is, too. Chloe is really passionate about her music like I am. It was dope to really get in, lock in and put a song out.

How was it performing “Empire” on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”?

‘Jimmy Fallon’ definitely felt bigger because I’m growing as an artist. But I was ready, and prepared. ‘Empire’ is one of my favorite songs. I wasn’t not putting that song on the album, I wasn’t going for it.

How did Drake end up on “P power”?

Man he heard the song last year, but he didn’t finish his verse until this year because we had so much going on. Me and him, we weren’t getting the time to really get in. The last week of December I told him, ‘Bro, I think I’ma drop the album on the 7th. If you can, let’s try to get together and put the song together. Let’s do it.’ He’s like, ‘Say less.’ He came back with it, crazy.

When he finished the song, we tried to put it out, but it had a sample that I couldn’t get cleared because Donna Summer — God bless the dead — she had passed. I couldn’t reach her estate in time. We couldn’t do that in time, but we ended up still getting it out. And the album still did great.

How does it feel to have a no. 1 record?

It’s God’s plan (laughs). I’m just ready to go on tour now. Trying to get on the road, execute the stage, and give people the experience of the album — physically though, with me in person.

What was your reaction when you saw Rihanna dressed as you for Halloween?

Man, I felt like a young GOAT. You got Rih Rih the GOAT dressed as you for Halloween? What are the odds? No one would have seen it coming. It was lit though! It’s lit.

How was dinner with Kanye in Paris?

It was cool, we just vibed. We ate, and we had a little afterparty. Still at the Rick Owen house, we just moved to the little dance floor and DJ area. Still vibed … played unreleased music. Facts.

Are you making an appearance on Donda 2?

You gotta ask Kanye for that. He’s gon’ put the final tracklist out.

Anything you plan on doing in the fashion space that we can look out for?

Yes, I want to drop my own clothing line called Sergio Giavanni. That’s my real name. I’m gonna drop some pieces soon. I don’t know when, but this year.

What songs mean the most to you on DS4EVER?

Shit, every one. Every single one. That’s why I put every one of them on there. Every song on there matters to me.

Any goals at the moment?

I want to get a Grammy.

Do you think DS4 could do it?

I hope so. Let’s keep faith and see.