Yung Miami debuted her “Caresha Please” podcast on REVOLT last month and within the first 24 hours, the sneak peek broke viewership records across the board and generated more than 1 billion online impressions. On June 9, Diddy appeared as the first-ever guest for an infatuating conversation about their careers, losing loved ones, and their upcoming record “Act Bad.” The City Girls rapper even coined her latest catchphrase – “real bad” – while publicly confirming her romance with the hip hop mogul.

Kevin Gates was featured in the highly anticipated second episode that aired today (June 14). The Louisiana rapper is one of the most transparent rappers in the game, which made for an engaging and viral conversation. Fresh off the heels of the release of his latest studio album, Khaza, the 36-year-old sat down with the City Girls boss to discuss his commitment to his Muslim faith, family, and mental and physical health now that he’s free from incarceration, drugs and overindulgence.

No stone was left unturned, including the tea about his wife of 18 years, Dreka, allegedly cheating on him; his rumored romance with “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star Jojo Zarur; and allegations that he slept with his own cousin. REVOLT compiled a list of the top 9 freakiest moments from Gates’ appearance on “Caresha Please” to help give fans a recap. Check them out below and watch the full episode here.

1. On not caring about body count

There’s an ongoing online discourse about the importance of how many sexual partners a woman has, but Kevin Gates revealed he doesn’t care about body count while speaking to Yung Miami on “Caresha Please.” He said, “My daddy was the only man [my mother] ever loved. I wouldn’t give a fuck if a bitch did 1,000 dicks before she met me. If I love you, I love you. I ain’t tripping on where your pussy been. It’s for me now, if you’re gonna give it to me,” he shared.

2. On praying before sex

The “Thinking with My Dick” rapper considers himself a proud Muslim who is protected by prayer. “You talking to someone who never had an STD. I pray before sex,” he said before advising others to take extra precautions (in addition to prayer) when engaging in sexual intercourse.

3. On practicing semen retention for the past few years

Gates shares that he doesn’t ejaculate unless he plans to conceive a child. Semen retention “heals the central nervous system … and heals your brain,” he insisted while speaking to Yung Miami. He said his main objective is to please his partner, telling the host, “Don’t even tell me where your spot at. I’ma find it.”

4. On enforcing a 90-day sex restriction if a woman isn’t compliant with his Muslim religion

Kevin Gates wants to align with women who prioritize their health and wellness, and have good hygiene. He claims he bathes and massages women before engaging in sexual intercourse and that it is the “cleanest you will ever feel.” The Louisiana native recalled sticking his finger in a woman’s vagina and then putting it under her nose because she had a foul odor. He insisted, “Some women haven’t been trained properly on how to clean themselves. They don’t know what a vaginal wall cleaning is. They don’t know they’re not supposed to use tampons. They don’t know the dead uterus lining gets stuck around their walls and causes odor.”

5. On having sex with his cousin

“Duh,” Gates quipped when Yung Miami asked if he had sex with his cousin. He also offered more details: “Me and you cuttin’ up, we thuggin’. I’m talkin’ ’bout a nigga pullin’ yo hair, spittin’ in yo ass, hands tied behind yo back, punchin’ that bitch in yo kidney. I take you to meet my grandmother … and my grandma pulled me to the side like, ‘That’s your cousin.'”

“I ain’t ’bout to stop! The damage is already done,” he admitted before explaining that they’re not first cousins, and he doesn’t care anyway.

6. On having sex in public places

The rapper is vocal about his sexual desires throughout the second episode of “Caresha Please,” leaving the host speechless when they get into all of “the smoke.” He even shared that he likes to have sex “anywhere” because it makes him feel free. “We can leave a restaurant and have sex right outside,” he told Yung Miami.

7. On his sex game

Gates is infamous for his explicit lyrics, and Miami wanted to know if he’s really about that life. When asked if he lives up to his freaky lyrics, he said, “You Aquarius like use your energy. The texture in the music, like c’mon. Use your energy. You know what’s happening. You know who’s like that and who’s not. You know what niggas just be talking. This ain’t drug dick. I don’t do drugs.”

Gates claims if a woman he has a romantic relationship with sleeps with another man, she will return the same day because he got a “big long dick” and “he’s not fucking you like I’m fucking you!” He’s confident that he will upgrade the lifestyle of any woman he deals with.

8. On oral sex

Gates claims he can’t even get hard unless he eats a woman’s ass and then her pussy. He explained, “That’s just me, though. I ain’t talking about that swipe the credit card shit. I’m talking about I want to stick my whole tongue in this bitch ass. I want to suck her asshole in my mouth and stick my tongue and then twirl that bitch ’cause I like the reaction.” Gates said he gets “high” off pleasing his partner.

9. On women urinating on him

“I like to get pissed on all on my face and let it run on my chest,” the “2 Phones” rapper admitted while explaining the pleasure he gets from a woman’s reaction to him “finding her spot.” There has been an ongoing online debate about whether “squirting” during sex involves urination — but Gates let it be known that he doesn’t mind even if it does.

10. On catching his woman cheating

After sharing his unique perspective on infidelity, Miami asked Gates to explain how he would handle his woman cheating on him. He responded, “You not gonna tell me? You not gonna show me the video? So I could look at that bitch with you and my shit rock up and I just bust you after watching the video. You just gonna go get dick and not tell me?”

Fans speculated that Dreka cheated on Gates with his personal trainer after he released a song called “Super General.” He rapped, “Personal trainer invaded my personal space / Deep down inside it killed me.”

11. On his sexual fantasies

Yung Miami asked about his sexual fantasies, and Gates revealed he had a life-changing skydiving experience and would like to skydive again. However, the next time around, the landing pad would be a woman’s vagina. “‘Cause when I get scared, my dick is just a different type of hard,” he explained. Gates continued describing his ideal sex fantasy: “If they got a way … how you can be on the buddy pass? If they can just throw that bitch in there, and we just jump off that bitch. Hail Mary.”

12. On being a self-proclaimed “Captain Hook”

While explaining his disappointment when it comes to receiving oral sex from some women, Gates gave pointers on what his partner should do to please him. He shared that his tool comes with a curve, and he likes when women pay attention to that area.