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  /  10.01.2021

Kevin Gates’ risky move is now the center of several memes. On Thursday (Sept. 30), the star took to Instagram to post a photo of him in front of the crowd at one of his shows. The image captured Gates mid-air after he reportedly prepared to jump into a crowd of people.

“Oh Ye who Believe – Gifted – dive in the crowd no safety harness,” he penned the caption. The picture captured the attention of social media users, some of whom questioned whether it was really Gates in the image.

“I k[now] it’s Kevin Gates, but I keep thinking its Chris Brown,” said one Twitter user.

“Nah man… this pic of Kevin Gates is taking me out,” wrote another person. “They said he not letting Chris Brown show him up.” “This man Kevin Gates lost weight and done turned into Chris Brown,” a third user added.

In a slew of other tweets, fans just poked fun at Gates’ stance in the photo.

Kevin Gates, I thought this was Stomp The Yard on Broadway,” wrote one user.

Kevin Gates: they ask me if i jump high i say really really,” someone else added.

Another social media user inquired, “What song Kevin Gates got that called for him to do this??”

Aside from the original image being the butt of social media jokes, Gates was later photoshopped into a variety of pictures, including the cover art for the Disney Channel movie Jump In starring Keke Palmer and Corbin Bleu. In another photo, the rapper was made to appear as if he were getting ready to perform a wrestling move alongside members of the WWE. Gates’ image was also placed among a group of people getting ready to skydive.

Look below to see Gates’ post and the memes that were created soon after.


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