/  06.10.2022

S1 E1 | Sean "Diddy" Combs


REVOLT dropped a sneak peek for its newest series “Caresha Please” starring Caresha Brownlee, better known as rap superstar Yung Miami, on Thursday (June 9). To top that off, the one and only Sean “Diddy” Combs appeared as the show’s debut guest. Considering the fact that the icon and City Girls artist are in a bit of a romantic entanglement, the episode was filled with a number of hysterical and viral moments.

Here are the nine best moments from the “Caresha Please” sneak peek. If you missed it, be sure to watch the full clip above.

1. Diddy on his new record label, Love Records

Diddy begins by addressing the recent announcement of his new record label, Love Records, which is strictly for R&B music. When talking about his inspiration behind starting the label in a climate dominated by hip hop and rap, he had this to say: “I miss R&B, man. R&B hasn’t been, you know, around since it got canceled or something. It just got off the radio and people stopped buying it. It’s my first love. My first record I produced was ‘Come & Talk To Me,’ the Jodeci remix … I spent my whole career, you know, on producing hip hop, but R&B is my first love and I just feel like that’s what the world needs.” The label’s first signee is Jozzy, who hit the stage with Diddy at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards back in May.

2. Acting bad

Diddy seemed incredibly excited about the new record he has coming out with the City Girls and mentioned it several times throughout the episode. From what we know, the track is called “Act Bad” and Diddy’s on production. What does “acting bad” mean? Diddy explained it: “Just having fun, like, we have a good time, we act bad all the time.” Yung Miami revealed what she does when she “acts bad,” and her description was simple. “Me? You wanna know what I do when I act bad? I do what the fuck I want. I’m gonna do what the fuck I want, say what I want … I’m hanging out the windows, I’m twerking, that’s what the fuck I’m doing,” she said.

3. Diddy speaks on fatherhood since the passing of Kim Porter

During the episode, Diddy spoke a bit about how his role as a father changed after the passing of Kim Porter, his longtime girlfriend and mother of four of his children. Yung Miami asked, “How has fatherhood been since the passing of Kim Porter?” and Diddy immediately tightened up a bit. He described himself as having been a “part-time father” before her passing versus the full-time role he takes on now. He also talked a bit about how the experience as a whole has been new to him: “From being on the road to actually having to raise three girls. I’ve never been in this situation. I guess God gave me some karma, hit me three times … I got three girls turning 16.”

4. A game of “This or That”

During their conversation, Diddy and Yung Miami played a game of “This or That.” Miami asked Diddy five different questions and smiled through his surprisingly honest responses. The City Girls star began the game with a bang, asking Diddy to choose between missionary and doggy style. The hip hop mogul chose missionary and explained that he likes the passion it carries. She asked whether he preferred panties or a thong on a woman, and he decided thongs. She then switched gears by asking him whether he preferred Chinese or American food, and he chose American cuisine. Miami then asks him whether he prefers his women nasty or classy — Diddy picks nasty. Lastly, she asks him to pick between Yung Miami and Caresha, and he quickly picks Caresha.

5. Diddy explains why he never got married

It’s a well-known fact amongst the hip hop community that while Diddy has had plenty of girlfriends and many of them have been long-term, he’s never walked down the aisle and been married. When Caresha asked Diddy why he never made that commitment, he was pretty honest in his answer. “Just wasn’t ready, just wasn’t ready. Just didn’t want to do it. Just didn’t wanna …  never had a desire to get married, you know what I’m saying? When I was growing up, my father got killed when I was young, when I was two. And my mother, she just, like, never wanted to have men around … So, I never really saw a relationship like that, I was just raised around women. I never really had those aspirations. I know it was like the dream, it’s every woman’s and every person’s dream. For me, I just wasn’t really about that life,” the record executive shared.

6. Diddy reveals the craziest thing he’s done for love

We all know love can make you do some outlandish things, and Diddy and Yung Miami are no exception! When Miami asked Diddy, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?” he talked about his relationship with his college girlfriend at Howard University. Her parents disapproved of him and even went to pull her out of Howard simply because he was there. Eventually, Diddy left the HBCU and when he was gone, her parents allowed her to re-enroll. Once Diddy found out, he ran to the nearest bus station to catch a bus to DC. He searched for his lady all over campus but once he found her, she opened the door and to his disappointment, let him know their relationship was truly over.

7. Diddy shares his relationship status & Yung Miami asks “What We Is?”

Fans have been questioning Diddy’s relationship status lately due to his flirtatious personality around Yung Miami, in addition to the media catching the two out and about here and there. Miami asked Diddy his relationship status and he responded, “I’m single.” He then went on to say, “To be honest, just after my loss, losing Kim … I needed a time out. I just needed to be single and to be free.”

Miami goes on to ask Diddy a similar but more direct question: “So, what we is?” He then admits that he and the superstar are dating.

8. Yung Miami: “Do you like making love or fucking?”

Throughout the sneak peek, Yung Miami hit Diddy with all of the intimate questions, and he took them like a champ! At one point, she asks, “Do you like making love or fucking?” He quickly responded with “making love” and explained that he doesn’t enjoy fighting and prefers sensuality instead. “I’m definitely more sensual … I like marathon sex.” Miami seemed to get a bit flustered and joked, “That sounds real fun. I’m trying to see what that’s about.”

The two were flirty during the interaction, and fans on social media couldn’t get enough.

9. Yung Miami announces a new City Girls album due in July

Towards the end of the episode, Diddy expressed his excitement for the release of their new record “Act Bad” and shortly after, Yung Miami announced a new City Girls album coming at the end of July. “Our album is coming out the end of July, okay, so it’s about to be a City Girls summer.” The duo (comprised of Miami and JT) hasn’t released a full-length album since June 2020, so the announcement was met with tons of excitement on social media.


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