Chris Brown has officially surpassed The Weeknd’s record for most hot R&B tracks. The accomplishment comes after nine entries from Brown’s latest album, Breezy, bringing him to 79 songs overall on the chart.

This list, which dates back to Oct. 20, 2012, now boasts 71 entries owned by The Weeknd, currently in second place.

“Psychic,” featuring Jack Harlow, was Brown’s most-streamed song during the tracking week, with 6.41 million official streams. “Call Me Every Day,” featuring Wizkid, came to a close second at 6.39 million streams.

Additionally, Brown surpassed Elvis Presley‘s record for most Billboard Hot 100 songs, becoming the most decorated male artist in that category.

The 32-year-old singer passed Presley’s 109 recorded entries, snagging 112 entries of his own. Although the album was released on the same day as Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, Breezy quickly topped the charts.

In 2020, Brown became the fastest male artist to reach 100 Billboard Hot 100 entries.

Last week, the singer shared his upset over the lack of support for the album on his Instagram stories. He was unhappy that the media and his fans focused on negative stories rather than his new music.

“July 8 [Breezy] deluxe album, not that [it] matter,” he said. “Seems like y’all only invest in the negative stories about me. Chris gets in trouble (the whole world is on it). Chris drops [an] album. [cricket emojis].”

In another post, Brown said, “I’m back on my gangsta shit… It’s brackin at all Times.”

As his album makes waves on the charts, Brown kicks off the “One Of Them Ones” Tour with Atlanta rapper Lil Baby on July 15 in North Carolina. The tour concludes in Las Vegas on Aug. 27.

During an interview with Big Boy, Brown explained how he still gets nervous before a performance. He said he is anxious about his tour and has sleepless nights over it. However, he is still excited.

“Man, that’s gonna be fun,” he said. “I still get nervous. I have sleepless nights. Because it’s the excitement, it’s adrenaline. If you don’t understand that, you know energy. You can feel [the] energy.”

You can see Brown’s Instagram story posts down below: