S2 E12 | Sada Baby


S2 E12 | Sada Baby


Co-hosts Big Bank, DJ Scream and Baby Jade are back with another special episode of the “Big Facts” podcast featuring rapper Sada Baby. The 29-year-old emcee stopped by to talk about a slew of topics, including growing up in his hometown of Detroit and his journey to stardom. He offered some advice to aspiring rappers and later explained why he doesn’t partake in hip hop feuds.

Like many burgeoning artists, Sada admitted that he nearly gave up on his music industry dreams, but a phone call requesting that he open up for veteran rapper Curren$y put his exit plans on the back burner. When asked by DJ Scream what advice he’d give to individuals looking to break into entertainment, Sada said, “I’d tell them to be a realist because that’s how I be — even with myself.”

“I had to learn to stop holding my breath and waiting on good shit to happen because it might not happen with the music shit, bro. I be trying not to be an asshole with it. I consider it being a realist. I’m like, ‘Bro, if that shit’s there, it’s there, and somebody knows it’s there, bro, and somebody’s going to keep on giving you positive energy for you to keep rapping any motherfucking way,’” he continued.

“But bro, if that shit ain’t there, bruh, you know that shit ain’t there. You forcing it, and then that’s a decision that you consciously making to keep on spending all your money and buying outfits and trying to buy jewelry to keep up with the Joneses. You trying to get a verse from this nigga or you trying to get a video shot from this nigga because you think that’s what’s going to make it work. You looking at this video do 750 views, and you calling this shit an album, and you don’t got ten thousand followers [on social media], but you got all this street money. You icy as hell. A nigga can’t say you not a rapper behind how you look,” Sada went on. According to him, the aesthetics don’t matter, however, if you’re not getting “the shit that counts as a rapper — getting booked for shows that’s not the strip club where you throwing half your booking.”

Sada Baby believes many creatives are too quick to give up because they’re trying to emulate what’s already out in the market but ultimately do not achieve the same results as the person they’re imitating. “You not even trying, brother. You trying to do what you seen another nigga do and think it’s going to work for you — and it’s not, bro. Nigga, that shit worked for him because it was different when he did it. When he recorded it, it was different,” Sada insisted. “Niggas be knowing they don’t be different.”

Elsewhere, the “Karried Away” emcee spoke about no longer engaging in rap feuds, telling the “Big Facts” co-hosts, “A lot of niggas that I quote-unquote had an issue with publicly or that the public thought they knew about, bro, that shit dead if you ain’t never touch me nigga.”

He continued, “I’m off of nonsense. Anybody can get pressed, and that’s big facts, but you gotta earn that shit, nigga — just like you gotta earn some nice shit from me.”

Sada also doesn’t believe fans should get involved or take sides. “You gon’ call yourself having a problem with me because of a rapper and when you see me, you gon’ say some disrespectful shit,” he explained. “I’m going to look at you once, and then I’m going to look at you again. I don’t know you, bro. Man, without me even doing any type of body motions — so you can try and sue me, [but] you gon’ end upside down or something, bro, cause you playing, nigga.”

“Go to school. Go to your job, nigga. Nigga, worry about how you putting this high-ass gas in your car. Don’t be out here in this bitch trying to live some shit [and] you don’t even know if that rapper living it for real,” the Detroit artist pressed further.

Aside from rapping, Sada expressed dreams of someday working for the National Basketball Association (NBA). Having been around the game the majority of his life, with several family members playing at some level in the league, the rapper told the hosts, “That basketball shit really in me. I love it to death. I’m an avid basketball motherfucker.” He added, “That’s why I said in ten years I want to be working for an NBA front office — calling some shots, pulling some strings. I for sure feel like I be knowing better shit than the coaches be doing sometimes — draft picks, shit, down to the jersey colors. I’ll put some sauce on the team.”

The “Whole Lotta Choppas” emcee elaborated more on his future endeavors as well as the harsh reality of adjusting to fame and how stardom can affect personal relationships. “It could’ve been and it should’ve been — for a lot of niggas, who you started with [is] who you finish with, but it just don’t go like that,” he said. “I’m still leaving niggas ’til this day. If you don’t understand where I’m trying to go, how big I’m trying to get … we gon’ try and make the world go ’round and understand that our hood did it.”

Elsewhere during the chat, Sada Baby elaborated on where he seems himself in the near future. He explained that his goal is to grow his brand into a respected corporation and says that he doesn’t want to be known as just a rapper. “Y’all want small for yours, I ain’t gon’ want small for me. Suited all the time, everything exclusive. We in rooms that can’t nobody get in — that’s what I’m trying to be on,” he insisted.

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