Next week, NBA YoungBoy will unveil his fourth studio LP The Last Slimeto, a 30-song offering that’s already spawned well-received singles like “Don’t Rate Me” with Quavo, “I Got The Bag,” “Mr. Grim Reaper,” and “I Hate YoungBoy.” Today (July 27), the Baton Rouge star drops off another potential standout from the project titled “She Want Chanel,” a TnTXD and Dmac-produced effort that matches the song’s title with lyrics about a transactional relationship:

“I know a trick, make the bitch touch her toes, I make the bitch do a split for my bros, talkin’ more than a week, had her stayin’ in my home, carry like four hunnid cash in a duffel bag, I make her leave, every time she be running back, tell her, ‘She gon’ do whatever I say,’ bought her a trip and I turn up the place, you want it, I’ll buy you a brand new wraith, you know that I turn up, don’t fuck wit’ these niggas, you know that I told her, ‘Don’t waste my time,’ you know I do love gettin’ ugly with these niggas, don’t fuck with these niggas, you slimy?”

“She Want Chanel” also comes with a video courtesy of Isaac Garcia, which begins with YoungBoy entering a house dressed in a hilarious costume. In addition to shots of YoungBoy performing the track in different locations, the costumed version of the artist can also be seen causing mischief throughout.

2022 has already been a productive year for YoungBoy. Back in March, he teamed up with DaBaby for the joint album Better Than You, complete with 12 hard-hitting cuts — including the viral hits “Neighborhood Superstar” and “Bestie.” A couple of months prior to that, YoungBoy liberated the mixtape Colors, which peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. Press play on “She Want Chanel” below.