Earlier this month, EST Gee and 42 Dugg teamed up for the joint release Last Ones Left, which sees 17 tracks and (in addition to a BIG30 appearance) contributions from members of each artist’s respective crews — 42 Cheez, EST Zo, YNT Tae Money, EST DeMike, and more. Yesterday (April 15), the CMG stars unveiled a new visual from Last Ones Left for the opening number “Ice Talk,” a Helluva Beats-produced offering that serves as a proper introduction for the few who aren’t yet familiar:

Who got the ups on us? Strap across your shirt, like, nigga, buckle up, you can’t miss, I send you on that hit, might die, you fuck it up, clip hold got like T trimmers, real street nigga, my money up, wave this bitch like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ Soon as fat boy get close enough, niggas don’t want bump, they punks, on IG, hope I post ’em up, I talk to them bodies late at night when I be rollin’ up…”

Courtesy of Diesel Films, the accompanying clip sees the two somewhere presumably tropical. Things remain short and straight-to-the-point throughout, with a shirtless Gee and Dugg delivering their bars under red lighting — Dugg also catches vibes at different locations around a presumed resort.

In a recent interview with Ebro Darden for Apple Music, Gee spoke on how Last Ones Left came to fruition:

Me and Dugg just be in the studio a lot, most of the times … we got so many songs together, it just makes sense for us to put somethin’ out together. Probably because both of us is artists in demand, I think, so … our fan bases like it, and our general area … Michigan and Kentucky … it just makes sense. Me and Dugg make good music together, I think everybody like it.”

Check out “Ice Talk” below.