The Game becomes the latest celebrity to give his take on the still white-hot Oscars debacle, which involved Best Actor winner Will Smith smacking Chris Rock on stage. For those not familiar, Rock appears on the awards show to present the nominees for Best Documentary, during which he decided to make a joke about hair at Jada Pinkett Smith‘s expense — Smith then proceeded to attack Rock before returning to his seat to deliver an expletive message about speaking down on his wife’s name.

Taking to Instagram, The Game defended Smith‘s actions, first speaking on the Academy Awards racial history before directing his opinion to those that don’t understand the concept of being a married Black man:

“They didn’t even want to give it to him in the first place… he acted off impulse & imposed a slap down out of frustration & embarrassment on behalf of his wife. Most people with opinions on the situation don’t have a committed relationship let alone a marriage of over 20 years to weigh against his feelings in the matter. He’s human & comedy is not always an excuse to publicly humiliate people especially while sitting front & center.”

He continued:

Although violence anywhere is & should always be depicted in a negative light, this was a lul ass slap in defense of a woman battling a very delicate health issue.”

The Game then finished off his post by referring to other controversial actors, including Alec Baldwin, Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, before bringing up the recently passed anti-lynching bill, which finally arrived some 100 years after its inception:

“…100 years after Emmett Till’s gruesome hanging… the now president signs an anti lynching law… so what that mean for the other 100,000 + lynchings done before then and along the way ??? They weren’t illegal ?”

Check out The Game‘s IG post in full below.