Earlier this month, Big K.R.I.T., Wiz Khalifa, Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk teamed up for “Put You On,” a high-energy cut that is expected to appear on the group’s forthcoming body of work Full Court Press. This week, the super-collective look to keep that momentum going with a new single titled “How The Story Goes,” which sees K.R.I.T. and Wiz trading lines about fake friends and women who want to come around after the money and fame:

“When you fucking up I’ma tell you, why you rolling with the lame when you know you could do better, I’m that nigga was in the Porsche, now I’m in a 64 and you riding around in a Jetta, gave me that pussy and it was bomb, now you don’t pick up my calls, shoulda known it was a set up, use to listen to heavy metal, now your pussy get wet when your foot is on the pedal, knowing you’ll never settle, and a nigga gotta have bread if he want to get you…”

The track also comes with a visualizer courtesy of Ben Hess, David Muñiz, and Andy Regos, which sees K.R.I.T. and Wiz chatting it up with Girl Talk and catching vibes to the music while in the studio. Via press release, Girl Talk (real name Gregg Gillis) opened up about how this particular collaboration came to fruition:

“Wiz recorded his verse first. I thought the beat was a slightly different vibe than normal for him, but once he got in the booth, it felt like a natural fit. K.R.I.T. came in and built the rest of the song around that verse. He was able to capture the feel of the sample and take it somewhere new. This turned into one of the songs that I ended up going back to the most.”

Press play on “How The Story Goes” below. Full Court Press is expected to make landfall Apr. 8.