Currently, Yo Gotti is transitioning from recording artist to full-time mogul following the release of his final album CM10: Free Game. In addition to building his empire, the Memphis talent has also completely revamped his lifestyle from a health perspective — something that was evident on Gotti‘s artwork for “Recession Proof” back in 2020.

Last month, Yo Gotti connected with Men’s Health for their “Gym & Fridge” series, where he allowed cameras inside him residence to get a better look at his overall fitness journey. During the “Fridge” segment, Gotti spoke on how his diet changed over time:

I would say my diet changed a lot actually, I used to drink a lot of sodas, eat a lot of cakes and junk food, so I get rid of all that. It’s a lot more … greenery, vegetables, and, even the sweets I eat is prepared by my chef, which is way, way better for my health. It really helped me lose like 50 pounds.”

Things then moved outside to Gotti‘s gym, which comes with a breathtaking view as a result. Viewers then got to hear the Collective Music Group head honcho‘s ultimate fitness goal:

“My fitness goal, when I started this, I was 210 pounds, and I lost like 50 pounds. And then I gained like 15 or 18 pounds back. So right now, I’m just trying to lose those 15 pounds back that I gained when I was down 50. I think that’s kind of like my sweet spot.”

He also revealed his motivations for making a lifestyle change:

What keeps me motivated is wanting to be healthy, wanna live longer, and the last one is, um… I think the girls like it. So, you know what I sayin’, you got to keep that together (laughs).

Check out the full feature with Yo Gotti below.