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  /  02.17.2022
S2 E5  |  Bobby Fishscale

S2 E5 | Bobby Fishscale


DJ Scream, Big Bank and Baby Jade are back with another blazing episode of the “Big Facts” podcast. This week, the crew sat down with Florida-based rapper Bobby Fishscale. The newly signed Roc Nation emcee spoke at length about his career so far, adjusting to fame and more.

Following the release of his 2019 debut mixtape, Big Fish, Bobby began drawing the attention of several major record labels. Earning widespread recognition for his “Hov Flow” bars over JAY-Z and Eminem’s “Renegade” beat, he went on to land a spot on Roc Nation’s roster.

Like many of his peers, the young star got himself into trouble and spent time behind bars while growing up in Quincy, Florida. When asked to share what it’s been like to transition into a life of stardom, the “No 9 to 5” emcee admitted, “You go through trap relapses.”

“I went through [that] a lot of times where I wanted to get back in [the street life],” he said. Bobby explained that he learned how to conduct himself professionally early on in life, however, which helped him avoid future trouble.

“Moving like the brick man, you moving like a rapper really. I ain’t going out to eat. I ain’t going to the club — ain’t none of that. I’m lowkey. You don’t even see me. I drop music through the internet,” the rapper insisted. “People never seen me in my own city — ghost for real.”

Bobby went on to detail his small-town upbringing, noting that he came from a city where everyone knows everyone, which reduced feuds between community members. Elsewhere, the Roc Nation emcee spoke about his father, who he says was “strict” but ultimately inspired him to get into music.

“I used to go around to the clubs. I used to clean that bitch up for [$20]. Being in the bricks, that’s all we got. Being in the trenches, all you got is music. All day in the trenches somebody playing music,” he recalled. “If you having a bad day and you hear the right song, it could cheer you up. Music is universal. Plus, I wanted to hear some real shit, so I got to writing my own shit.”

In October 2021, Mayor Ronte Harris presented the rising star with the key to the city of Quincy, Florida. As Bobby returned to his hometown to perform at the Summer Family Fest Car and Bike Show, he was also honored with his own day. In addition to that major moment, the artist considers being cosigned by fellow rapper and Florida native Kodak Black another huge highlight in his career. “You know Yak don’t do nothing but work, so he don’t even listen to other artists like that. But when he do listen to it, and for him to say it’s hard, that’s big,” Bobby told “Big Facts.”

Later in the discussion, DJ Scream asked the “Make It Snow” artist if he would ever participate in a friendly rap battle.

Bobby said that due to his upbringing, he doesn’t see himself as a competitive rapper, adding that it’s difficult for him to spot the difference between playful competition and real-life threats. “See, I don’t know that part of the game. I ain’t no made rapper, I’m a trapper. So, if you talking about my jit… I really don’t know how to play,” he said.  “I ain’t no competitive person. That’s why I share everybody’s music and shit. I’m just different.”

Bobby believes that most times competitive rap feuds end badly. “That competing shit — it gets ya ass somewhere. It’s gon’ go the wrong way ‘cause my homeboy and them gon’ take it the wrong way. I can’t control those folks,” he said, adding he’d rather ignore any competitive invites.

As for his home state of Florida, the 35-year-old believes the best rappers representing the “Sunshine State” are Kodak Black and Rod Wave. When asked to clarify whether or not he meant for this current generation, Bobby said he means for “all generations.”

“I feel like everybody had a chance to be as big as them boys and nobody has been as big as them boys. Them boys is huge,” he insisted.

The promising rap star went on to say: “I don’t give a fuck when you did it. That don’t mean nothing. I don’t want to hear about when you was trapping back then and y’all got money now. I feel like the OGs should give them their props. If you ain’t sold as many records as them boys, you got to give them props.”

Like always, if you liked what you heard, be sure to stay tuned every week for new episodes of “Big Facts.” Also, don’t forget to watch the latest show above.


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