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  /  10.20.2021

Back in July, Lil $o$o made her official debut with the single “Better Life,” an anthem for anyone fighting through obstacles to accomplish your goals. Last month, the Lunchbox Records talent followed that with “Go Ooh,” a Tylian Francois-produced effort that features fellow Floridian Bobby Fishscale and sees the two flexing for their detractors on wax:

“What it is, what it do, diamonds on me go ooh, we mobbin’, pull up with that rocket, cock it, you can’t stop it, bad bitch, long hair to my ass, or who hatin’ cause I got a lot of cash, oh man, well that’s too bad, love my money fast, nah I don’t like it slow, that’s how you end up po’, 20 bands, 50 bands, I’ma hit the sto’…”

“Go Ooh” comes accompanied with a visual that shows $o$o and Fishscale turning up during their studio session. It’s only right that Lunchbox head honcho LunchMoney Lewis makes a cameo in the short clip as well.

Via press release, $o$o explained how the collaboration came to fruition:

“While we were listening to the instrumental and putting together the lyrics, the hook came to us — diamonds on me, go ooh. I couldn’t think of a better person to rock with me than him.”

Currently, $o$o is said to be putting the final touches on her forthcoming project $o$o World, which — as LunchMoney Lewis recently revealed on social media — will contain 12 cuts and, in addition to Fishscale’s contribution, an assist from Savannah Cristina on a track titled “Gangsta Love.” Hopefully, $o$o World is arriving much sooner than later.

In the meantime, you can check out “Go Ooh” and the tracklisting for $o$o World below.

$o$o World tracklist:

  1. “Lil $o$o”
  2. “Woo Tang”
  3. “Bad Attitude”
  4. “Go Ooh” feat. Bobby Fishscale
  5. “Better Life”
  6. “Gangsta Love” feat. Savannah Cristina
  7. “Big Baller”
  8. “Lil $o$o Freestyle”
  9. “My High”
  10. “South Side”
  11. “Poppin’”
  12. “Chicago to Florida”



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