Yo Gotti continues to deliver some dope visuals from his latest album CM10: Free Game. His latest is for the Breezy, Brian White, and Julian Beatz-produced offering “Giving Back,” which sees him reflecting on his past and present dominance within the city of Memphis:

House on the riverside, riding down Poplar, niggas ain’t seeing us ‘less they got binoculars, I just left Privé, went to Love, I’m still popping out, ‘Gotti left the city,’ I’m like what the fuck you talking ’bout? Gotti in the city lowkey still popping out, bulletproof and AR, and nigga, I’ll walk you down, got her drinking Ace of Spades, never drink wocky down, all my niggas talk me up and they’ll never talk me down…”

Courtesy of Gerard Victor and Gotti himself, the accompanying clip for “Giving Back” takes the viewer deep into the heart of Bluff City, with shots of the “Rake It Up” rapper riding in a Maybach throughout its streets and passing through (or entering into) landmarks like the Renasant Convention Center, Huey’s, Dixie Queen, and FedExForum. He can also be spotted living it up in the club, hanging with Moneybagg Yo, leading a convoy of old school whips, and much more.

During a recent visit to Gillie Da Kid and Wallo‘s “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast, Gotti gave his opinion on being signed to a label versus being an independent artist — simply put, he’s not entirely passionate about the latter:

I see a lot of shit being said … I’m like damn they don’t speak on the other side though. It’s just like glorifying the streets but never talking ‘bout the consequences. … “Most motherfuckers that want to be independent ain’t got the money to be independent, even if you had it, nigga, you wouldn’t spend your own money on yourself.”

Press play on “Giving Back” below.