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Yung Miami returned with all the smoke for another episode of “Caresha Please.” After spilling the tea with Saweetie on episode five of the globally renowned podcast show, Miami and guest co-host Saucy Santana linked up with fellow Southern it-girl Latto for an all-new installment full of laughs and “Big Energy.” They discussed her relationship, her changing her stage name, and more.

Check out the nine best and funniest moments from Friday’s (Sept. 23) episode of “Caresha Please.” Plus, tune in here if you missed it.

1. On her recent success and working with Mariah Carey 

Kicking off the episode, Yung Miami gave Latto her flowers for her recent accomplishments. When asked how she feels about her recent milestones, Latto answered, “I feel good. It feel good to have been putting in so much work for so long. Like, if you know me and my story, you know, ‘D**n, this b**ch been grinding for a long time.’ [And] for it to finally be, like, my time.”

During her 2022 BET Awards performance, Latto shocked viewers everywhere by bringing out surprise guest Mariah Carey. The Georgia emcee explained she didn’t want anyone to know what she had planned for the performance. “I was not playing, too. We had to do dress rehearsals and I was like, ‘Uh-uh, they need to clear the whole s**t. I don’t want this s**t to leak,’” she revealed. “I was so secretive about that because I’m like, ‘Y’all don’t even know how I’m coming tomorrow.’” Miami asked the Atlanta rapper what motivates her to keep going, to which Latto explained it’s her consistent growth and her fans’ reactions to her performances that give her a boost to improve. 

2. On changing her stage name

At the top of 2021, Latto made the decision to shorten her stage name from “Mulatto” following controversy behind the implications of the term. Miami asked Latto if she felt pressured by the public to change her name. “I think, yeah, it had something to do with it. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. Where I think people need to cut me a little slack is that I was young,” she noted. “Like, a lot of people think that I came up with this name. I did not give myself that name, first of all, and then I started rapping at like 8 or 9 or so with that name. That was my name, and I knew I didn’t mean no ill intent with it. So I’m like, ‘F**k y’all. I know what I mean’ — until I’m getting older, and I’m kind of having my own opinion on stuff, and I’m just having my own beliefs and morals as a woman. So I’m like, ‘Actually, you know what? I’m listening to you now.’ But they ain’t bully me out of my s**t.”

3. On the clearance issues she had with her 777 album

Back in March, Latto revealed she had issues getting a feature cleared by a male artist on her 777 album. According to the young go-getter, the unnamed rapper gave her a hard time clearing the track due to her not responding to his DMs and not having interest in sleeping with him. Latto explained why she addressed the situation in the way that she did. “When I said that, I was speaking from me. I was speaking from helping the next girl that wants to be a female rapper, and she thinks it’s all fun and games. It’s a lot of stuff we don’t speak on because of reasons like that.”

Yung Miami asked if Latto feels that people are trying to take advantage of her because she’s young. She answered, “I think that’s why I’m so headstrong now — because I used to feel like that post-‘Rap Game.’ I used to have so many people giving their say so on my career — like how I dress, what I rapped about, the beats that I chose, my whole image. So that’s why everything now, I go so hard about it being my decision to the point where it’s damn near annoying.”

4. On women’s empowerment and “P**sy”

Segueing into the topic of women’s empowerment, Miami said she feels women need to use their voices more and be in charge of their own lives and careers. On Latto’s single “P**sy,” women’s empowerment is a major theme throughout the lyrics. When asked about how the song came together, Latto revealed she recorded the track around the time the nation was discussing Roe v. Wade being overturned. “I was just in Miami going through beats or whatever. I heard the beat and I called my A&R like, ‘This sounds like nostalgia. Tell me what’s the sample; tell me what they’re saying,’” she said. To Latto, the song is deeper than Roe v. Wade. She said the track is for women in general, especially the ones in the music industry. 

Encouraging women’s empowerment was a major factor for Yung Miami and Latto, as the two went on to discuss the recent dominance of female rappers. “I feel we [are] women — it’s our time. Men been dominating the game for so long,” Miami said. Latto also noted that female rappers are going against the grain to maintain unity, despite the blogs and fandoms threatening to break their bonds. As she noted: “We are setting the tone for the next wave of female rappers to be like, ‘Oh d**n, we can be cool actually. We can do this s**t together.’”

5. Latto praises Yung Miami and Cardi B for balancing motherhood and rap

Latto, Yung Miami, and Saucy Santana also discussed maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Latto prefers to take vacations to decompress from work. “I’ll take my little breaks because I realize [that] you have to,” she insisted. “If I don’t take this one break today, I’m not going to be able to finish the whole year, so this one five-day vacation will set me straight.” 

The rising superstar also took a moment to salute artists like Yung Miami and Cardi B for balancing motherhood and their careers. “I really salute you … I always use you and Cardi as an example,” she told Miami. “Y’all give us a new meaning to ‘boss b**ch.’ You know how they always try to make it seem like, ‘Oh, no. You can’t have a baby yet. It’s not possible. You’re gonna slow down. You’re gonna stop.’ B**ch, I swear to god, I be like, ‘Miami didn’t stop. Cardi didn’t stop.’ I swear to god, I go to y’all every time. Y’all just rewrote the story for us … That shit be motivation for somebody like me.” Although she doesn’t have any kids at the moment, Latto made it clear that a baby “ain’t too far away”
and that she’d have one in the next year or two.

6. On why she keeps her relationship low-key

There’s no “Caresha Please” without the smoke! Diving right into the juicy tea, Yung Miami asked who Latto’s mystery man is. She responded with the following hints: “He a real n**ga. He a rich n**ga. He that n**ga.” Miami and Saucy Santana hyped up Latto as they discussed her man buying her a Lamborghini. The “Big Energy” rapper then continued, “Everything about our life is so exposed. I got something real, and I want to protect it from the world because I feel like this ain’t no PR s**t. … And people think that I’m doing it to be fake secretive or on some fake, bougie s**t. Baby, it’s just for me and mines. Y’all gon’ know when I’m pregnant.” Santana chimed in, responding, “Everything is so exposed and you just want something sacred and to yourself.”

Diving deeper into the smoke, Miami asked Latto if she’d want a “Lil Latto” or “Lil Him” in the future and she responded, “I ain’t gone’ lie. I want a Lil Him. I’m such a sucker.”

7. On being freaky

Moving on from relationships, Yung Miami had a burning question for her guest: “How are you so young, but so freaky?” After bursting out laughing, Latto cleared the air on how freaky she can get. “I’m not that experienced, though. I think that will shock the world. The s**t that I be rapping about — I’ve always had a boyfriend. I was never, like, ‘back on the prowl.’” Noting that she’s a Capricorn, the hip hop star said she looks for stability in her dating life. “I’ve always had a n**ga — and when my n**ga is my n**ga, my n**ga is my n**ga. My n**ga now? We’re doing a lot of firsts that I’ve never done, so I’m not really experienced.” 

When Miami asked if Latto is submissive, she said she’s learning how to be submissive. Santana agreed, adding that it depends on the man you’re being submissive to. “Me being gay and dating, I’m still a boy, so I have a lot of n**ga ways. I’m a Libra, so I’m dominant. So in order for me submissive, I have to have a boss a** n**ga.” Miami admitted she’s learning how to be submissive now that she’s dating someone who leads.

8. On BBLs and plastic surgery overall

Among the many problems that women in rap are subjected to is the discussion of natural bodies versus plastic surgery. Yung Miami asked Latto about her standpoint on the conversation. Miami stated the people commenting on BBLs would pay for one if they had the money to do so, and Latto agreed: “It’s 2022 – nobody has to cap about what you got done. B**ch, and I’m gonna rap about it. It’s nothing. I’m a rich b**ch. I’m gonna fix anything that I don’t like.” Miami complimented Latto for being so open about her surgery procedures, and Santana agreed, also stating that it’s alright that people don’t want to disclose what surgeries they’ve had done because it’s not anyone’s business. 

Miami also revealed  she got her breasts done at 20 after having her son. “It’s nothing wrong with altering your body and feeling confident,” she shared.

9. A hilarious game of “This or That”

This week’s game of ‘This or That’ got really spicy with Latto! Saucy Santana and Yung Miami didn’t hold back as they asked the emcee if she’d rather spit in his mouth or vice versa, and whether she prefers to spit or swallow. Latto said she prefers to swallow: “I like that for me because I want you to know, ‘Yeah, that’s mine.’” When Santana asked if she does it all the time or occasionally, Latto revealed that she does it all the time. Miami asked if Latto enjoys eye contact, but her and Santana agreed that they don’t do it often. Miami, however, loves eye contact: “I’m gonna look you in your eyes, I’m gonna take your soul. … I’m just not a swallower.” Vowing that she’d try it out, Miami sent a funny message to her boo: “Baby, if you watching this …” 

Fans of foreplay, Yung Miami and Latto described what type of foreplay they like. While Latto isn’t interested in costumes, Miami likes to tap into her alter ego as a stripper. Santana shared a story of an interesting lingerie choice that Yung Miami wore for a man one time, causing the trio to erupt into contagious laughter.


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