Don’t ever think that because you’re not seeing him publicly, Bryson Tiller isn’t working hard behind the scenes and making beautiful music to push out to the world.

Fresh off of his new record with Diddy, “Gotta Move On,” the musician is working to finalize his new album, which he tells REVOLT is set to come out later this year. Known as the face of trap-soul, Tiller has also lent his likeness to Cîroc to launch the liquor brand’s new flavor “Passion,” alongside LaQuan Smith and more.

During Cîroc’s exclusive launch party in Harlem, Bryson Tiller chatted with REVOLT about his upcoming album, pending collaborations with Justin Bieber and Jack Harlow, and the Mariah Carey collab that is “in the works.” Get into our conversation below.

How does it feel to have a partnership with Cîroc and what’s your favorite flavor?

I usually drink the Summer Citrus flavor and I would drink it straight — no chaser — because it tastes so good. The opportunity came about from working with Diddy after we collaborated on our new record “Gotta Move On,” and here we are. I’m really excited about it and I love the Cîroc brand.

Working with Diddy must’ve been a vibe, especially with the new single doing numbers. What was the best part and can we expect more collaborations in the future?

You can absolutely expect more collaborations in the future, and the best part about working with Puff is he’s such a passionate guy, especially when it comes to his music, really everything he does. When I went to the studio with him and we played the song back — even his project — he would talk to me and explain how important the record was to him and what it meant to him. That’s the reason why I’ll always come back to him when he needs me to work on the album with him.

Is there a collaboration fans can expect you to drop before the summer ends?

Before the summertime, I’m not too sure. I do have some features lined up for some people on their projects, but I don’t know when they are dropping right now. You can expect a Justin Bieber collaboration, and I have to send my verse to him so that’s coming soon.

Name three collaborations that are dear to your heart.

Justin Bieber, since we already talked about him. He’s a phenomenal artist and has so much range and there’s different styles of music he can do — he has a Christmas album and he’s one of my biggest inspirations. I would say Drake because he’s another one of those artists that can do anything from dance, rap, and R&B. I’ll also say Chris Brown because he’s been my idol growing up and he’s a really cool guy — I love pulling up on him in the studio and we have great conversations.

What’s your favorite part about the creative process?

As far as the process goes, I’ve been switching things up. I’m working with different writers and folks who have different melody ideas. As far as after the song comes out, my favorite part is when the fans are singing the songs back to me. To see something that I wrote from my heart and everyone is singing it is dope. I love it.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance album features The-Dream as a songwriter and producer, and many fans refer to him as her “Quincy Jones.” Is there an artist you would love to form that type of bond with and who would it be?

Hmm, that’s a great question. I think I always wanted to be someone’s Quincy Jones because I always wanted to be in the background. I can’t think of who exactly but I would love to give constructive criticism, creative ideas, and assist on vocal production. Not sure who I would have play that role for me, but I would say I would like to be a Quincy Jones to Chris Brown.

You dropped a pretty solid Christmas album last year. Can we expect Tiller to take over the holidays and become the King of Christmas?

Absolutely. You can definitely expect another Christmas album. A deluxe to the Christmas album already out, and I’m also working on my album, which is set to drop before Christmas.

Before we chat about the album, have you ever thought about a collaboration with the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey?

Oh yeah, absolutely. Honestly, a collaboration with Mariah Carey is already in the works. I’m figuring it out — the right song — but we’re going to make it happen. I love Mariah.

Are there any sounds you’re experimenting with on the upcoming project?

I’m experimenting with all sounds whether it’s hip hop, R&B, pop, disco — I just want to have fun and collaborate with people in the studio and see what we can come up with.

Who’s on the project in terms of features?

You’ll probably see my boy Jack Harlow on the album since we’re working on something for sure. But no idea who else may appear.

Do you have an official release date?

No date for it yet. If I could have it out now, I would, but I’m finalizing song selection to make sure everything is right before putting it out.

The Grammys have a new category for songwriting. How does potentially getting recognized for your other love feel, Pen Griffey?

Aw man, I gotta be honest with you. I’m kind of retiring the Pen Griffey jersey. I was so adamant about writing my own stuff, but then I realized some of the best songs ever made were made by multiple people. I’ve been experimenting with other writers and being in the studio, getting different vibes. I would love to share my talent with everyone before I put Pen Griffey away.