It’s a family affair on this week’s episode of the “Big Facts” podcast as hosts Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade are joined by rappers and new parents Kash Doll and Tracy T. The couple also brought along their 6-month-old son, Kashton Prophet Richardson. The pair sat for a lengthy discussion covering various topics, including Kash Doll’s transition from rapping to appearing on the small screen, the music business, balancing relationships and careers, and more.

Big Bank got straight to business when he asked the rapper-turned-actress about the recent career switch. The Detroit native portrays Monique on Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s hit crime drama series “BMF.” The show follows Black Mafia Family, a drug and money laundering organization that became one of the country’s most influential crime families. It’s inspired by the true story of its co-founders, brothers Demetrius and Terry Flenory, better known as Big Meech and Southwest T.

The “For Everybody” emcee told the hosts,“I love acting.” She continued, “You can sit still. Like, I can sit in one spot in Atlanta, GA … film for four to five months. I don’t gotta … every weekend … four, five shows … here, here, here.”

The 30-year-old added, “I can’t diet right. I can’t do my skin routine because you gotta get up and go. You losing luggage, you losing clothes. You missing flights, you losing money. It’s just like go, go, go, go. But when you’re acting, it’s like you really get to settle and be yourself. You can do your skin routine, you can work out, you can diet.”

Kash recalled receiving the call to join the series after tirelessly contacting 50 Cent on social media about a potential opportunity. “It’s so crazy because I DM’ed 50 — I was in his DMs … ‘Put me in something.’ I’m sending him videos acting like I’m shooting shit,” the star said. “I really know how to do this acting shit. 50 put me in something,” she recalled telling him.

After sending in two audition tapes for “BMF,” Kash said, “50 called me himself” to inform her that she had gotten the role of Monique. It was a surreal moment for the Detroit native, who revealed she got the call on the birthday anniversary of her late father. “That was just surreal,” she said. “I’m just so grateful and honored.” Production on “BMF” season two recently wrapped and while Kash couldn’t say too much, the actress feels “it’s going to be really good.” “It’s better than the first season,” she insisted.

Later, Kash Doll and Tracy T took listeners on a trip down memory lane to how they were introduced, giving fans a close look at their relationship that appeared to take many, including DJ Scream, by surprise. After Tracy slid into the “Ice Me Out” rapper’s DMs, the pair swapped numbers and shared a few exchanges before losing contact. That was until Kash flew into Atlanta to shoot the first season of “BMF” and needed a chef. Kash called up her estranged friend, who offered to help under the condition that he could join. According to the female emcee: “So he pulled up with the chef, and he ain’t left.”

The couple opened up about the biggest key to keeping their relationship going. Tracy started by sharing that he feels couples should “learn how to keep each other happy.” “If you fucking with somebody, then you need to know that person. And shit, as long as everybody smiling, it’s going to outweigh a lot of the frowns,” he said.

The “Run Me My Money” rapper explained, “I think it’s knowing your person’s language.” Kash noted, “Outside of love, we liked each other a lot and both wanted it. I think that’s important.” The star added, “Because if you want it, you going to always do what you gotta do to keep it up” before teasing that “communication is key though — can’t even lie.” The two also spoke about providing each other support throughout their careers and lessons they’ve taught each other along the way, including having faith and a willingness to take risks.

Kash Doll recalled deciding to leave her lucrative job as a strip club dancer and focus on her rap career. The award-winning artist claimed she went from cashing in at $26,000 to earn a mere $800 per show. “I was dancing back in 2013. I stopped making $26,000 one night, $9,000 one night, $7,000 one night to ‘Oh, I’m about to trust this dream and making $800 a show.’” Kash added, “And my shows ain’t coming in like that.” “But I trusted it. I just dropped that shit and I trusted it, and I believe that I reaped the benefits by keeping my faith,” she explained.

The rapper said she makes it a habit to remind Tracy T of her humble beginnings, proving that anything is possible in due time when you couple it with hard work. “Because when you have a gift, you got it for a reason,” Kash Doll emphasized.

Scream asked Tracy if he felt bad business dealings might’ve stifled his progression in the music industry. The “Money Chant” rapper described it as “weird situations.” He had been signed several times throughout his career, most notably to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group in 2013, but the partnership did not last long. “Everything was cool. It was just some shit over my head that I just ain’t go for,” the Georgia native revealed.

The “Choices” rapper, born Tracy Richardson, alleged that his signature was falsified on contracts looking to take a percentage of his earnings. Tracy claimed that the individual who sought out the payday was an associate of Ross’. The “Diced Pineapples” emcee reportedly pressured the then-rising star to just “go with it.”

Tracy T said he refused, adding, “It was a fucked up contract that my name was on — the fuck I’m [going] to go forward for?” He continued, “I done came too far for that. I’ll sit this shit out before I goddamn let a nigga extort me like that.”

Tracy ultimately got his attorney involved to assist him in being released from his MMG contract, citing that Ross appeared to side with the alleged counterfeit contract. Despite the incident, the “16” rapper said there’s no bad blood between him and the self-proclaimed “Bawse,” noting that the Miami native was “pushing for a nigga, fucking with a nigga strong.” He added, “I respect that. But just as a businessman, I just don’t feel like that was a good business decision for me to stay right there and [sic] the type of shit that’s going on.”

Elsewhere, the couple opened up balancing their relationship and music careers. Kash shared how she’s had to adjust, as she is a naturally private individual. Tracy admitted that when it comes to sharing relationship posts, it’s usually done without much thought, while his partner is more strategic with what she shares with fans as it pertains to their personal lives. “I think I got it under control with balancing the privacy thing, still giving them something because I’ve been through it,” Kash Doll said. “I’ve been doing this since 2014, and I’ve learned what too much can do and too little can do.”

The “No Lames” emcee revealed that it’s rare for her to be as public as she is with her romance. She continued, “I felt like people thought I was too hard as a woman because they don’t know me. They just get my music and what I upload. You don’t know that I’m really a sweetheart.” Kash said that once she started to show another side of herself, her fan base grew because “now they can relate to me.”

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