Wiz Khalifa continues to be never-ending with his musical output. At the top of the month, he unveiled a new single titled “Iced Out Necklace,” a collaboration alongside Sledgren that sees the Pittsburgh star rapping about his well-documented lifestyle:

Iced out necklace, my girl got a girlfriend, don’t fuck with niggas, she sexist, I bet she give me dome before we even get to the exit, get money, then we exit, ain’t ’bout money, then exit…”

This week sees Wiz dropping off a new visual for “Iced Out Necklace,” which comes courtesy of Andrea Saavedra and sees the rapper with his Taylor Gang compadres turning up in what looks like a high school. Wiz delivers his bars from a locker room while he and his crew throw paper planes in a classroom while some eye candy (including a teacher) join in on the fracas.

The fun clip arrives mere days after Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk’s Full Court Press, which contained 10 cuts and additional features from Nile Rodgers and Curren$y. That project was led by well-received singles like “Put You On,” “How The Story Goes,” and “Ain’t No Fun.” Prior to that, he connected with Juicy J for Stoner’s Night in February.

Outside of music, the “Black and Yellow” emcee has also found himself in the midst of a back-and-forth with fellow Pennsylvania peer Gillie Da Kid, who took Wiz to task over some posts in regards to workout attire:

Wiz Khalifa, man. I love you brother. … Every time I come on my page, man. You in ya draws, man. You giving up strap and ball action, man. Everyday, man?”

After some slight back and forth, Gillie Da Kid’s IG page was abruptly deleted, and Wiz quickly took the blame — an accusation when he eventually denied:

“I didn’t get that child’s instagram deleted. I even offered to help him get his page back and he declined. See ya.”

Press play on Wiz Khalifa‘s latest video below.