Last week, fashion icon NIGO unveiled his latest body of work I Know NIGO, which contains 11 tracks and a wealth of contributions from Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi, the late Pop Smoke, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. Pusha T also makes dual appearances on the album on the standout cuts “Punch Bowl” (alongside his brother No Malice as Clipse) and “Hear Me Clearly,” which later of which served as an official single and saw the Virginia emcee delivering his best coke raps over production from Kanye West, ThaMyind, Luca Starz, and BoogzDaBeast:

“Dope sell itself, got a trunk full of receipts, is you looking for me, or are we looking for Meech? Stand on my standards, expanded with the Ziploc, even if a nigga number better, never clique hop, never tell a jeweller what you spent for your wristwatch, and we don’t fuck bitches who fuck niggas on TikTok…”

Courtesy of AWGE (who has been handling the visual work for each I Know NIGO drop), viewers can see Pusha T bringing his bars to life on the small screen. The short clip sees Pusha rapping while a women stacks bricks in front of him, riding the subway with his carriers, taking part (or showcasing) an apparent robbery-in-progress, and much more.

Earlier this month, Pusha could be seen on Twitter explaining his own long-awaited album, which will see production from both West and Pharrell divided into apparent sides:

“See [Pharrell] was focused more on compositions (song structure, call outs, flow patterns) on his portion of the album. [Kanye West] was more focused on the bars and the neck breaking bop that comes from the beat… My goal was to get the best out of both of them for what they like out of me artistically, they both like different things from me.”

Press play on Pusha‘s latest video below.