Earlier this month, it was revealed that NLE Choppa and model Marissa Da’Nae’s unborn son, Seven Da’Shun Potts, had tragically passed away. The couple posted a vlog explaining what they’d learned about the child’s health prior to his unfortunate transition:

“They said he was probably sick in the womb, determining by his weight it could probably mean he was sick but his heart rate was constant he had a normal heartbeat but his weight wasn’t what it was supposed to be.”

Today (Mar. 11), Choppa decided to release a new single titled “The Gender Reveal Song,” which — in addition to serving as a tribute to Seven — also celebrates incoming life for other couples:

Love her or love him, every decision is made for them, God should be the only one you put above them, when you hold them in your hand, I swear you can’t un-love them…”

Taking to social media, Choppa further explained his decision to release the SethInTheKitchen-produced number:

“I always wanted to make a song significant to gender reveals because I feel that’s one of the most special parts of a pregnancy. The curiosity of not knowing if it’s a girl or a boy but trusting that god will give what’s needed is beautiful. The first gender reveal I was a part of ever was one to remember god blessed me with a baby boy but a few months later decided to turn him into a angel to watch over me and my partner with is understandable, respectful, and a beautiful hurt. Sooo I decided to release this song today for all the couples out there who have a gender reveal coming up or planning one in the future. May god bless y’all’s journey and I pray every queen has a divine delivery love you all and thank you.”

With that, you can press play on “The Gender Reveal Song” below.