Earlier this month, Yo Gotti revealed his eleventh and final studio LP CM10: Free Game, which came with 22 tracks and collaborations alongside 42 Dugg, EST Gee, Shenseea, Moneybagg Yo, and more. One particular standout from said album is “Dolla Fo’ Dolla,” a cut that Gotti utilized to allow other artists to compete for a feature placement. Despite the ability for all contestants to now push the song as their own, the true victor was Memphis rising star 10Percent, who flexed pretty heavy on the Breezy, Diem, Brian White, ​jahk, Richie The God, and Carter-produced offering:

I’m on some rocker shit, she was basic, I made her a model bitch, Lenny Kravitz, I pull up, start rockin’ shit, she athletic, she built like a soccer bitch, .45 but that 9 got a softer kick, don’t slip ’cause I drip when I’m walkin’, bitch, I be rollin’ that jay with some bosses, shit, Rondo got 9 on my hip, like Steph put thirty in the clip, I’m equipt, lay a nigga flat on the floor like a quilt, I just ran off on the plug like a bill, I’m at the top like I’m King of the Hill…”

Directed by Gerard Victor and Gotti himself, the accompanying video for “Dolla Fo’ Dolla” begins with the Collective Music Group head honcho showing love to others who have contributed their verses to the aforementioned contest. Things quickly switch to Gotti and his collaborator delivering their verses while showing off a fleet of high end vehicles, expensive jewelry, and more.

During Super Bowl weekend, Yo Gotti held a conference to provide updates or his company and its artists, the latter of which has now expanded thanks to the inclusion of Sacramento star Mozzy. In addition, fans can also expect a new joint album from EST Gee and 42 Dugg in the near future.

Press play on “Dolla Fo’ Dolla” below.