The 2022 REVOLT Summit x AT&T touched down in Atlanta on Saturday (Sep. 24) and the city showed up and showed out! With panels featuring everyone from industry OGs like Master P and Dennis Rodman to rising superstars like Coi Leray, there was a little something for everyone in attendance. Not to mention, incredible performances from artists such as Kali and Rich Homie Quan all day long!

Whether you couldn’t make it out to ATL for the festivities this time, had to check out a little early, or you simply want to relive your favorite moments from the Summit, we’ve got you. Check out our recap below, and catch clips via REVOLT’s YouTube channel, the official REVOLT Summit app, or right here on our website.

1. The Future of Connectivity

The eventful day began with a powerful keynote from AT&T’s lead manager in marketing communications, Matthew Brooks. The focus of his keynote was the digital divide and the way it disproportionately affects Black and brown communites. While talking about the meaning of the digital divide, Brooks explained, “It is the gap that happens between those who have the benefit of digital resources and information and those who do not.”

While talking about that divide’s affect on Black and brown families, Brooks said, “Too many communities across the United States lack access to high speed broadband internet and they need that access to thrive in a digital world.” Well said, Mr. Brooks!

2. “Assets Over Liabilities” with Master P

Master P has lived multiple dreams within his lifetime. He’s done everything from founding his record label, No Limit Records, and film company, No Limit Films, to acting, directing, playing in the NBA, and graduating from the University of Houston. In a conversation led by “Assets Over Liabilities” hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, the trio shared their immense knowledge with attendees.

One of the most important topics they spoke on was worth. Specifically, your personal worth and knowing your value. Master P put it in perspective for everyone when he said, “If this white man is going to give me a million dollars, how much am I really worth? And that’s what we’ve got to start doing. We’ve got to start thinking like that — stop being desperate because I know when I get back to the projects I’ve got 12, 14 more people that I’ve got to help.”

3. The Career Fair

A crucial part of every REVOLT Summit is the aspect of putting opportunities on the table for those who deserve them. 2022’s Summit had representatives from Combs Enterprises, REVOLT, State Farm, and Motown Records, to name a few. Not only were representatives from each of these companies providing opportunities for attendees, they were delivering personalized career advice and tips. It’s one thing to say you’re about hiring young, Black talent, but it’s another to actually be about it! And each of these companies is about it!

4. “Beyond the Rim” with Dennis Rodman

It wasn’t until recent years that it became somewhat “normal” to discuss mental health in sports. Many know Dennis Rodman for his legendary NBA career, off-the-court antics, unique fashion sense and high-profile dating life. Former pro football player and “I Am Athlete” podcast host Brandon Marshall sat down with the basketball veteran to discuss the side of Rodman many aren’t familiar with.

The two dove into some of the most popular stories about Rodman, some of his greatest moments in the NBA, and one of the most important conversations of the night — his struggles with mental health. Marshall has had his own struggles with mental health and suffered with the consequences for the majority of his career. When the two connected on that front, it made for one of the most inspiring moments of the day. Marshall ended the panel by saying, “There’s no excuses in 2022. Dream big.”

5. Office Hours

Remember office hours in college? Most students dreaded the idea of going because they didn’t want to admit to themselves that they needed help. Well, REVOLT Summit’s Office Hours aren’t the same as a university’s. Each attendee has the opportunity to make an appointment with a career expert of their choice and is given 10 minutes of one-on-one time to receive advice and career guidance. Experts come from a multitude of industries including but not limited to marketing, journalism, entrepreneurship, and finance.

6. The Future of Creators at REVOLT

Detavio Samuels is the CEO of REVOLT and one of the biggest reasons the Summit is even able to take place each year. During his keynote speech about the future of creators at REVOLT, he spoke a bit about the culture we all love so much and what drives it — content. While talking about the growing platform REVOLT is upholding and further establishing for rising creators in the Black community, Samuels said, “We understand the the culture is driven by us. And because of that, we know we’re not one dimensional, we know that the people in this room are content creators, we know that the people in this room are thought leaders, design thinkers, and we want you to know that today, REVOLT is your platform.”

He continued on to say, “We are building talent-driven channels and creating a cross-platform ecosystem that will change the relationship between creators and media forever.” The relationship between creatives and media is one that’s been strained since it’s inception. There’s always been a huge disconnect between the two, and Samuels’ vision for REVOLT involves truly mending that.

7. The Future of Cannabis

Cannabis has played a huge role in athletics even if it’s taken decades for some of the biggest sports leagues to catch on. It has also always had a place in hip hop due to our community’s love for the plant. Cultural orator Mouse Jones sat down with NBA legend Al Harrington, Berner415, Bobby Shmurda, and Tammy aka The Cannabis Cutie to talk about how hip hop cannot only be present in navigating the now-legalized cannabis industry, but dominate it as well. For decades, Black Americans have been penalized for their association with marijuana, whether it be for using or distributing it. So, now that the plant is seeing legalization across the U.S., it’s no wonder many of the people who were penalized and imprisoned for cannabis-related offenses are feeling frustrated.

When discussing its place in sports now after legalization in many states, Harrington said, “The players now have access to it recreationally just like they have access to liquor and anything else that they want. What I love about it is players are now letting everybody know that they smoke. Cannabis is now being normalized in sports, and it’s a beautiful thing because players have been using it this whole time, and they can now use it without the threat of being fined or suspended.”

8. Cancel Culture with Nene Leakes, Ray J, and Amber Rose

We’ve all seen the affects of cancel culture and what it’s done to people’s lives and careers. Nene Leakes, Ray J, and Amber Rose sat down with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee to talk a bit about the cancel mentality, perception of women in media and entertainment, and much more. While talking about the way women are spoken about in music, specifically hip hop, Rose offered her two cents on the matter, saying, “I feel like some people feel more comfortable when a song is about a woman … it’s like we throw women away like we’re less than human.”

9. Day One Finale

2022’s REVOLT Summit wrapped the day with a multitude of performances from Big Boss Vette, DreamDoll, Rob49, and headliner Rich Homie Quan. Finesse2Tymes opened up the closing performances and brought a ton of energy to the Summit with his hit “Back End.” Big Boss Vette and DreamDoll brought the hype and energy for the ladies, and ATL legend Rich Homie Quan closed out the night and left the city wanting more. Throughout the day, there were also performances on the “Dream in Black” stage from artists such as Kali and Jeremy Green. Not to mention, DJ Era, DJ Cleo, DJ Marc B, and DJ Unruely kept ATL jumping all day long.

See you Sunday (Sept. 25) for day 2 of more unforgettable moments!