Ray J’s recent decision to pay homage to his superstar sister with a new tattoo has not been well received.

In fact, the “One Wish” crooner says Brandy was a bit “uneasy” when she first saw his new ink. Ray J also addressed everyone who had something to say about his gesture.

“It’s my leg, it’s my sister, she was a little uneasy about it, but if you check out Mash Kow’s page, he’s one of the dopest and it’s hard to get him to tat you,” the 41-year-old entertainer explained. “He’s like booked for two years.”

When questioned about the “blood eyes” featured on the artwork of his sister, Ray J says he’s not one to tell an artist how to do their job.

“The bloody eyes, that’s his style,” he said. “I can’t tell an artist not to put his signature [on their work].

Anyone familiar with Ray J knows that he never passes up an opportunity to sing his sister’s praises – and rightfully so because they don’t refer to the “Sitting Up In My Room” singer as the vocal bible for nothing.

“I love my sister and [this] was just a symbol of me saying thank you for putting me on. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here, I’m humbled just to have her help me,” Ray J expressed.

Following the recent chaos at the Verzuz matchup between Mario and Omarion where Ray J went hit for hit against fellow R&B crooner Bobby Valentino, the “Wait a Minute” singer expressed the pressure he felt during the competition not to let his big sis down.

“I have a lot of redeeming to do.” he shared during an interview. “She’s hard on me on this, so it’s not redemption, it’s Ray-demption. I apologized to my sister right on the spot…right after I hit the note, I apologized.”