Omarion wants to clear the air on everything in his personal life, including his former bandmates, B2K, “The Millennium Tour,” and everything in between.

On Thursday (July 7), the singer posted a 3-minute trailer of Omega: The Gift and the Curse, to his Instagram account. In a lengthy caption, Omarion said that he has felt both manipulated and misunderstood for a long time. Additionally, he said that he gives everyone their due respect, and he deserves it in return.

“Hey [World]. For too long, I’ve felt misunderstood & manipulated by the games people play especially when accountability from others has been obsolete,” Omarion wrote. “I own my parts in the story -but do you? Respect is what I give to everyone & it’s what I deserve in return.”

The 37-year-old musician explained what the term unbothered meant to him and why being reactionary is a disadvantage.

“Being unbothered doesn’t mean that you ignore your emotions or how you feel. Being unbothered means that you don’t give someone else your power & YOU decide how to respond instead of reacting,” he wrote. “Reacting to everything is a disadvantage because it’s thoughtLESS and doesn’t serve you. Standing up for yourself during challenging times is essential to staying centered and maintaining your peace.”

Omarion concluded his post by explaining the meaning behind the title of his series and asked his fans to experience how deep the truth goes.

“O M E G A (which stands for the last) adding ‘the gift and the curse’ serves as insight into this incredible journey of Ups and downs,” he wrote. “Stay tapped in & witness how deep it goes. Premiering 7/21.”

The trailer shows Omarion clashing with his bandmates through major events. Raz-B was also shown in the clip expressing violent urges and leaving the tour. Lil Fizz‘s relationship with Apryl Jones, the mother of Omarion’s children, will also be shown in the series.

Omega: The Gift and the Curse will release on July 21 on YouTube.

You can watch the trailer down below.