Today (April 15), Fredo Bang unveils his new project Two-Face Bang 2, a continuation of 2018’s 2 Face Bang that comes with 18 tracks and additional features from Money Man, Sleepy Hallow, Rob49, and Roddy Ricch, the last of whom appears on the standout cut “Last One Left.” Produced by DJ Chose and Hardbody B-Eazy, “Last One Left” sees the artists harmonizing about standing tall in the midst of struggle, staying real with loved ones, and much more:

Maybe if I wasn’t so hard, you still have room in your heart, maybe if I didn’t have these sins, we’d still be somethin’ like friends, maybe if I cried it over and I wasn’t such a soldier, maybe if I, if I, if I was a bitch-ass nigga, then maybe you would think I was realer, maybe if I didn’t have a big heart, maybe you would love me a little, if I was a bitch-ass nigga, maybe you would love me a little, ’cause lately, you been fuckin’ with the whole side, so now I see that you can’t tell the difference…”

Directed by Jon J., the accompanying clip for “Last One Left” begins with a SWAT team arresting Fredo Bang for an unspecified reason — this could be a lose reenactment of his 2021 arrest in Miami. Things then switch to Fredo in prison and standing handcuffed amongst law enforcement, which is mixed with shots of a mother figure signing legal papers of some sort, a tattered poster of Fredo‘s late friend and collaborator Gee Money, and more. Roddy eventually appears with the Baton Rouge star in a big warehouse for his performance. All-in-all, viewers will probably want to press play on this video a few times to catch everything.

Check out Fredo Bang and Roddy Ricch‘s “Last One Left” video below.