Lil Durk has shared the full tracklist for his seventh studio album 7220 ahead of the highly anticipated project’s arrival this Friday (March 11). According to the tracklist, which Durk posted on Instagram, the star-studded effort will see collaborations with Future, Gunna, Summer Walker and country singer Morgan Wallen on the previously released song, “Broadway Girls.”

In the post’s caption, Durk said that the album’s title, 7220, was inspired by his grandmother’s home address, which is where he grew up.

7220 my granny address I grew up in that house that made me the realist,” he said.

7220 looks to be an introspective project for Durk as several of the song titles seem to be about his life and upbringing, such as “Started From” and “Shootout @ My Crib.” There’s also a song that appears to pay respect to late fashion industry icon Virgil Abloh, titled, “What Happened To Virgil.”

Durk released one of the album’s first songs, “Broadway Girls” with Morgan Wallen, last year. The collaboration came as a surprise to fans, as Wallen was previously embroiled in controversy after a video of him saying the N-word surfaced online.

However, Durk vouched for Wallen after collaborating with him and even said that Kendrick Lamar should be open to working with the singer.

“Nah, he ain’t no racist. That’s my boy, you know?” Durk previously said about Wallen to TMZ. The Chicago native added that he had a “good long talk… behind closed doors” with Wallen about the controversy, adding, “I’ll vouch for him… he good. He ain’t canceled.”

7220 will follow Durk and Lil Baby’s joint project, The Voice of the Heroes, which they released together last year. Durk’s last solo album, The Voice, arrived in 2020.

See the official tracklist for the album below.