The topic of having children prior to marriage will always be an interesting conversation to have as everyone does not share the same sentiments. That appears to have been the case with DJ Vlad and guest rapper Boosie.

Never straying away from controversy, on a recent episode of “VladTV,” DJ Vlad shared his thoughts on couple Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s pregnancy announcement. In the conversation, Vlad and Boosie appeared to have different views and expectations surrounding the beloved “Birthday Cake” beauty.

“I was a little bit disappointed that Rihanna did not get married before having that baby,” the “VladTV” host told the Boosie. “When I look at her peers, [like] JAY-Z and Beyonce …”

Boosie, whose shown a lot of love and admiration for the singer over the years, looked a bit unmoved by Vlad’s way of thinking. As he listened to the host’s opinion, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper quickly interrupted saying, “Your peers. F**k all that. It’s what makes you happy. Nobody don’t give a f**k about peers. She’s a billionaire.”

He added, “Why she gotta follow somebody else drip for? She know what she f**king doing. Everybody ain’t gotta be motherf**kers that jump in marriages and still motherf**king sneak and geek.” Vlad then mentioned that the parents-to-be are “talking about getting married after the baby.” Boosie responded, “You can’t judge her for not being married. Like bro, people f**king, if a baby’s coming, a baby’s coming.”

However, despite their difference of opinion, Vlad remained steadfast in his preference for couples having children following marriage. “If you and Rihanna are dating and she told you she’s pregnant and she’s like, ‘Listen, but I wanna get married before announcing this to the world,’ are you gonna say ‘no’?” he asked.

Boosie replied, “No, it’s Rihanna. They have a mutual understanding. Everybody ain’t for no fake a** marriages. Everybody’s not for it. If they want to do it, they can do it. But they don’t have to do it when the world says. That’s where people go wrong at, letting the world make [their] decisions. I don’t let the world make my decisions, I let my heart make my decisions,” he concluded.

In another sit down with “VladTV,” the lyricist told DJ Vlad that even though he crushes on Rihanna, he respects A$AP Rocky. “That’s still my fantasy and sh*t, but you know I like to see her with ASAP Rocky,” he said. “I rock with ASAP Rocky, too. But once she in a relationship, I back up. I’m just fantasizing.”