As many of you probably know, This past week saw Snoop Dogg becoming the new owner of Death Row Records, effectively bringing the Cali legend full circle with the once-controversial label. Presumably making the move official, Snoop could also be seen rocking a Death Row chain during his performance during this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Shortly after the big announcement, Suge Jacob Knight — the son of the currently incarcerated Suge Knight, one of Death Row‘s original founders — spoke to TMZ about Snoop‘s corporate power move, and praised the Long Beach talent for essentially bringing the brand “back to the West Coast”:

“What’s my reaction is, it’s a victory for the West Coast. I’m happy just like everybody else. I kinda knew already, beforehand that [this] was going to happen. I worked on New Death Row back in 2018 all the way to 2020, and that’s why I kinda knew how things were going [to go]. So this is, to me, is like a silent victory because I spoke to all of these executives myself and pitched the ideas to do the merchandising and rebranding. Now to see it fall in the hands of Snoop, I’m just happy that it’s coming back to the West Coast.

He continued, “Hopefully, now we can start winning. We lost Nipsey, we lost Kobe, I meanwe lost a lot of things. I mean even after my dad went to jail, we started losing. So hopefully, we start winning with the Rams and start winning now … I’ve seen the comments that think, ‘Suge Knight’s punching the air,’ but nah, we cool. We just gotta do business right and start winning.”

A few years ago, Knight tried his hand at reality television via VH1‘s “Love & Listings,” a docu-series that chronicled his journey as a budding real estate agent. Nowadays, the husband and father oversees his own media brand OverKnight Entertainment.

Watch Knight’s full response below.