Fans around the world have been celebrating Rihanna ever since it was revealed she and boyfriend ASAP Rocky are expecting their first child together. The entertainers’ peers are also over the moon — when Ri hit up Instagram to post a more personal photo of her baby bump, everyone from Kerry Washington to Busta Rhymes congratulated the happy couple. Most recently, Remy Ma took a few moments to send a sweet message to Rihanna and Rocky. She also had some suggestions regarding potential baby names.

TMZ caught up with the “Back Outside” rapper as she was leaving Won World Studios in NYC. For obvious reasons, Remy was excited to suggest a name that begins with the letter “R.” She even went as far as to propose her own famous moniker.

“I love them,” Remy began. “Wow, let me see, what advice? Her name is Rihanna, it starts with an ‘R’ and his name is Rocky — they should probably name their kid with an ‘R.’ I just want them to know that ‘Remy’ is a unisex name… they need to know that (laughs).”

The Chrome 23 all-female Battle Rap League owner also said that while it’s difficult, it is possible for women to have it all. To prove her point, she listed Rihanna and Cardi B as examples.

“Sometimes it’s hard because we are made to think that we can’t do it, but women, we can do everything,” Remy insisted. “We wear all the hats, we run things — we run the world, as Bey said.”

“When you love something like I love my career and when you are passionate about it, you just make it happen,” she continued when asked about her own journey with juggling her personal and professional lives. Elsewhere during the chat, Remy was asked whether or not she would be down to reconcile with Nicki Minaj. See how she responded here.

If you somehow missed Rihanna’s big reveal, check that out here. We’re wishing her and Rocky the best!