Music is the soundtrack of life, and for the past 50 years, hip hop has been the life of the party. We’ve seen MCs rock the club and rappers rock the block, documenting nightlife and painting vivid pictures of the partygoer scene from New York to L.A. to the Dirty South. Rest assured, wherever a good time is being had, drinks will be flowing, and whether you indulge in champagne or gin and juice, this list of the best rap lyrics about popping bottles is for you.

Every day is a great day to celebrate. Life is short, and you only have one life to live, so whether it be a birthday, holiday, new job or wedding, turn on these party anthems and pop a bottle!

1. After Party by Don Toliver: “Okay, I pull up, hop out at the after party / You and all your friends, yeah, they love to get naughty / Sippin’ on that Henn’, I know you love that Bacardi / 1942, I take you back in that ‘Rari”

Let’s kick off our playlist is Don Toliver’s “After Party.” The electric up-tempo track, produced by Sonny Digital, transports the listener to an exciting night out in the artist’s hometown of Houston. The visuals showcase home video-style footage of the Cactus Jack artist in various night clubs and zooming on the highway in impressive sports cars. As the title states, the real party starts once the club closes.

2. Pass the Courvoisier, Part II by Busta Rhymes ft. Diddy and Pharrell Williams: “N**gas frontin’ with they thug image, but we pay them no mind / Now drink until the bottle finished, talk to me”

This throwback party anthem will never get old. “Pass The Courvoisier, Part II” is a 2002 banger where Diddy linked with Busta Rhymes for a call and response style turn up with producer Pharrell Williams’ smooth vocals on the chorus. The horns and Spanish guitar are clear indicators of the time, and the drum pattern is so obviously Neptunes that you can’t help but feel the vibe. Whatever you prefer to drink, this song is a party anthem for the ages.

3. Poppin’ Bottles by T.I. ft Drake: “Bring the 1738 Champagne the boss / Watch ya gettin’ money, make it rain, buy a bottle”

Bottle wars between VIP sections in the club are nothing new. On the club bop “Poppin’ Bottles,” T.I. and Drake challenged their contemporaries to buy bottle after bottle of champagne for them and everyone around them to enjoy.

4. Pop Bottles by Wiz Khalifa: “Shorty in the club with her eyes on me / So, I pop one bottle, pop two bottles, pop three”

Trying to attract women is one of Wiz’s central goals on a night out at the club. With this lyric, he shows how to do just that — by popping bottles all night long!

5. Ball by T.I. ft. Lil Wayne: “Hoppin’ out the Lambos and Ferraris in this b**ch / Poppin’ bottles with a thick red super model b**ch”

When the club is lit and the ballers walk in, you may have heard the DJ put this one on. “Ball” by T.I. featuring Lil Wayne is a great meeting of the minds when it comes to Southern rap. The beat draws heavy influence from Wayne’s New Orleans bounce roots, but T.I.’s notable trap influence allows him to float on the track just like a strawberry in a glass of champagne.

6. Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams: “I got the Rollie on my arm, and I’m pouring Chandon / And I roll the best weed ‘cause I got it going on”

Snoop Dogg has had the blueprint for West Coast party vibes since day one. Graduating from 1993’s “Gin & Juice,” Uncle Snoop is pouring up Chandon champagne for the ladies who are loving his jewelry and his weed in this 2004 banger. With production and lyrical support from Pharrell Williams, this party anthem will live on for eternity.

7. If I Can’t by 50 Cent: “If I can’t do it, homie, it can’t be done / Now I’ma let the champagne bottle pop / I’ma take it to the top”

When you’ve done all that you can, sometimes it’s best to just surrender to the party life. In this 2003 album cut, 50 Cent lets go of the reins as he declares that he’ll be successful one way or another, so he might as well celebrate now.

8. One More Drink by Ludacris ft. T-Pain: “’Cause Hennessy mixed with a whole bunch of buddha / Equals you, mixed with a whole bunch of Luda”

Ludacris has always blurred the line between comedy and rap with his punchlines and storytelling, but this linkup with T-Pain is pure laughs. The classic beat sets the tone for Luda to tell the tale of a night out in Atlanta drinking across multiple clubs with fine ladies. Throughout the song, he talks about drinking beer and champagne, but ultimately, cognac helped him seal the deal for a night he won’t soon forget.

9. Pop That by French Montana ft. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Drake: “Greystone, 20 bottles that’s all me / On the couch, wildin’ out yelling free my n**gas ’til they all free”

Clubs around the nation helped to give this banger a life of its own. “Pop That” by French Montana still takes any night at the club to the next level. In 2013, linking up with the top rappers of the time was a genius move to climb the charts and get the party on jumping all over the country.

10. Fresh Prince of Belaire by Dave East and Rick Ross: “Gold bottles, pop ’em like it’s ’96 / You never seen a brick / I pray to God my team get rich / Black bottles, pop ’em at your funeral”

This gritty New York hip hop track is a lot different from the club songs of the early 2000s. Dave East switched it all up on this 2018 hit about life in the drug game and the bottle popping culture.

11. Pop Bottles by Birdman ft. Lil Wayne: “Start with straight shots and then pop bottles / Flirt with the hood rats, then pop models”

Lil Wayne singlehandedly ran the game in the early 2000s, and one of the songs that solidified his spot was his feature on Birdman’s “Pop Bottles.” The way Wayne burst through the hard hitting 808’s of the beat captivates your energy and gets anyone turned up. The hook serves as instructions on the order of events when you’re at a Cash Money function.

12. MONACO by Bad Bunny: “Drinking lots of champagne, we’re never dry / They’re talking alone, talking with their echo / The money sign is my new zodiac / Light up a cigar, the family is in Monaco” (English translation)

Bad Bunny’s songs always make for a good time, and whether you speak Spanish or not, you can feel the excitement in his music. That’s why 2023’s “MONACO” had to make this list. The beat, which almost sounds like the score to a mob movie, flexes lyrics about the high life and vacationing in Europe. In this verse, the Puerto Rican MC lets the listener know just how lit he and his family stay, especially when they’re celebrating.

13. Shots by LMFAO ft. Lil Jon: “We like Ciroc / We love Patron / We came to party rock / Everybody, it’s on”

In 2012, hip hop became more mainstream than ever thanks to the integration of pop and rap acts including this one with LMFAO and Lil Jon. The King of Crunk hopped on production and the hook to encourage fans to head to the bar. The rap duo picked no favorites when it came to liquor as they named any and every type of shot you’d hear at a college dive bar and provided us with an unforgettable fusion of pop and rap for the club.

14. Drunk in Love by Beyoncé ft. JAY-Z: “That D’USSÉ is the s**t if I do say so myself / If I do say so myself, if I do say so myself”

Beyonce stopped the world when she released her self-titled album in 2013 with no warning. One of the breakout singles, “Drunk in Love,” showcased the artist a bit differently than fans were used to. She proudly belted out lyrics about drinking watermelon and riding surf boards after a wild night at the club. JAY-Z’s feature on the track was a prime opportunity for him to brag on the brand D’USSÉ and his sex game all in one.

15. Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg: “Rollin’ down the street, smokin’ indo, sippin’ on gin and juice / Laid back (With my mind on my money and my money on my mind)”

A track depicting the ultimate house party is fitting for a West Coast rap song in 1993. Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” became an instant classic due to his laid-back flow and the cadence perfect for head nodding. It allowed everyone to vibe whether you could dance or just nod along.

16. LOVE. By Kendrick Lamar: “Sipping bubbly, feeling lovely / Living lovely”

Everyone once in a while, rap produces an unforgettable love song, like 2017’s “LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar. The song illustrates a budding new romance when things are exciting, easy and adventurous. While describing the feeling and setting the mood, K-Dot rhymes bubbly with lovely, and the lovers all around the world felt their hearts melt.

17. Pop Champagne by Ron Browz and Jim Jones ft. Juelz Santana: “Drinkin’ bottles of that Clique ‘til I spit it up / Only gettin’ one life so you gotta live it up”

“Pop Champagne” is one of those tracks that just sounds like money. From the up-tempo beat to the auto-tuned vocals of Ron Browz, the party starts when this song comes on. The hook brags about popping champagne when Jim Jones recounts the order he put in from the VIP section, including Veuve Clicquot champagne along with water and other spirits.

18. Captain Hook by Megan Thee Stallion: “Drinking D’USSÉ out the motherf**kin’ bottle / I’m a rapper, not no motherf**kin’ model”

Megan Thee Stallion has always referred to herself as the cognac queen, so once signing to JAY-Z’s Roc Nation, it makes sense that she would plug his D’USSÉ brand. “Captain Hook” is a 2020 track that will rock Hot Girl Summers for years to come.

19. One Margarita (Margarita Song) by That Chick Angel, Casa Di and Steve Terrell: “Give me one margarita, I’ma open my legs / Give me two margaritas, I’ma give you some head”

Turning up is not reserved only for the 25-and-under crowd. In 2023, That Chick Angel made a party anthem for women in the “forty and fabulous” club with “One Margarita.” She is seen in the music video enjoying a night at a Mexican Restaurant while she explains the effects of tequila on her. At 43, she’s too grown to beat around the bush, so this explicit song is tons of fun and serves as a sign to sip a margarita tonight.