You may know Pretty Vee from her hilarious skits on social media or her role on the infamous hip hop comedic improv show “Wild ‘N’ Out.” However you were introduced to the entertainer, Pretty Vee continues to make waves in the industry and bring inspiration for the next generation. On Monday’s (June 26) episode of “The Blackprint,” host and REVOLT CEO Detavio Samuels sat down with the comedian, entrepreneur, and actress to discuss her journey to success.

Pretty Vee, also known as Vena E. on social media, grew up in a Caribbean household. Having two Jamaican parents, she was taught early on that having discipline in school and your career, as well as hustling, is imperative to making it in this world. From these teachings and seeing her mother attain multiple degrees, Pretty Vee was determined to apply the same drive to her dream of getting into entertainment.

According to Pretty Vee, while both parents were supportive of her going after her passion, the rising star had to keep discipline top of mind. “I remember being in my dad’s house. He would say, ‘You have to make sure you finish school’ or ‘You have to make sure you get what you need as a woman.’ My dad didn’t understand the comedic world. He wanted me to get my money. But I told him, ‘Dad, I’m going to show you. I’m going to show I can do it.’ My dad believed in me; he just didn’t understand the hustle behind it. But he was able to see how I turned funny into money,” Pretty Vee expressed.

Upon starting college, she was very active on campus. The young entrepreneur even began her own radio station called Lounge 22. After stepping into the space on campus, Pretty Vee sought out work at a radio station following graduation. But, after landing the job, the budding star realized she wasn’t where she wanted to be financially. One day at work, Pretty Vee heard music playing upstairs, at which point she learned about South Coast Music Group. When she was eventually let go from the radio station, Pretty Vee would embark on a new journey with the label.

“I was sitting outside in Charlotte, waiting for my car to come, and then a guy tapped me on my shoulder. The guy, his name is Craig, asked me if I still wanted the job at South Coast Music Group. I told him yes. Craig told me to give him my information and he would give it to [owner Arnold Taylor]. Right then and there, I got hired,” Pretty Vee shared.

She added, “I was booking college shows for DaBaby and doing admin work for Arnold. But I still was not where I wanted to be. I was doing skits on the side and still clocking in to make money.”

Pretty Vee created countless comedic skit videos on social media to show the world her creative side. From these skits, the influencer started to get noticed and gained a huge following. However, while Pretty Vee was juggling a 9-5 and her side hustle, she experienced a depression phase. Fortunately, after a reminder from her parents, the young go-getter continued to have faith in God’s plan for her and persevered. Pretty Vee explained, “I was in a state of stillness and internally, it was cringing. I was hurting because I was trying to make a way. But my mom told me, ‘When you get out there, God is preparing you.’ When you are in a still place, God is not just going to give it to you. He has to make you still first. So you realize that what he is about to do with you, he needs you to be prepared. I feel like that is what God was doing for me back then.”

Samuels segued into asking Pretty Vee about her big break in the entertainment industry. The actress shared that things started to pick up when she got the opportunity to join the show “Wild ‘N Out.” But, Pretty Vee admitted that her first audition wasn’t a very honest one.

“I actually lied to get on ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and said that DC Young Fly was my cousin. I literally said that in the audition and in the email I sent to them. I flew myself out and I ended up not getting it. They found out I lied. So I waited and they called me back, told me I was funny, saw my numbers were growing, and asked if I wanted to be on the show. I said yes, and I’ve been on for eight seasons now,” Pretty Vee confessed.

She continued, “What I learned is that God isn’t going to give you something that you have to lie about. It has to be sure. So anything that comes to me has to be honest and it has to be real. So when I was lying to get on ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ I knew I was dragging and forcing it.”

Pretty Vee went on to clarify that her experience on “Wild ‘N Out” has helped her stay grounded and gain a better understanding of how to be a great comedian. The entertainer also mentioned that the show helped her invest in her own businesses as she stepped into the entrepreneur life.

Pretty Vee’s first business venture was the VXL Collection. The line featured plush bathrobes that helped people feel good about themselves. After the successful robes, the businesswoman started to sell hair bonnets as well. It wasn’t until the pandemic that Pretty Vee decided to pivot. That shift ultimately landed her a partnership with the retail company Citi Trends.

“So I was shouting their clothes out, tagging them [on social media], and doing my thing. Then, my manager at the time thought of me pitching to them about getting my products in their stores. I was excited about it, and I’ve been with them for two years now,” Pretty Vee noted on “The Blackprint.”

She emphasized, “I like to look at brands that a lot of people aren’t looking at. I really like to revamp things. I got my inspiration from working with [Pastry] by Angela and Vanessa Simmons. If they can do [Pastry], bring it to the forefront, and make it girly and fun, then I know I can be the face of Citi Trends and make it the Pretty Vee way.”

As far as what’s next for the multihyphenate, she talked about her recent movie Pretty Stoned, which aired on MTV this past April. “Shout out to Paris Berelc. We killed it. We filmed for a whole month straight. Pretty Stoned is a movie where there are two female leads in Atlanta. My character Stella gets stoned, but she also gets in a lot of trouble as well,” the actress explained.

Outside of the businesses and TV/film roles, the young go-getter knows the importance of service. In efforts to give back to the community, the philanthropist has launched a nonprofit called The Pretty Victory. With this organization, Vee talks to teen girls and young women about self-esteem and tapping into their mental health.

Moreover, Pretty Vee expressed her belief that faith without work is dead. The all-around talent concluded the dialogue by stating she is not on this journey alone and that with God by her side, she has been able to make it as far as she has.

“When I look at myself, I am not where I was before. Seven to eight years ago, I was worried. Now, I am not overthinking anymore. Now, I am walking in my divine purpose and I am going to have fun. When I look at myself and everything that I’ve accomplished, my accolades, the people I speak with, how far I’ve come, etc… This is a success. I am able to buy my homes, write a check if I want to, take off two or three days, and do whatever God has called me to do. Success comes in different shapes and sizes. I think I am doing mine as a giant right now. I am feeling God’s glory on me,” she insisted.

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