Angel Reese is one of the most recognizable college basketball players this year and to top that off, the young NCAA champion is dominating in a new STARRY short film and commercial that debuted during the 2023 NBA Finals.

The project, titled 3>2: A STARRY Story, is a “fun and unique take on the origin story of the 3-point shot, and its inception and evolution throughout the years in the NBA, through the eyes of STARRY characters Lem and Lime,” according to the press release. It also features appearances from NBA stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Zion Williamson.

In this exclusive conversation with REVOLT, Angel Reese talked about the short film, how she deals with people who aren’t as welcoming as she would hope, and her dreams to pursue acting and appear on screen with Taraji P. Henson. Read below.

Yesterday’s price is not today’s price as you’re dominating sports and the TV screen. How has this opportunity with STARRY helped you elevate as a brand?

Being able to be a part of this and work with amazing NBA players like [Karl-Anthony Towns], [Matt Barnes], and [Zion Williamson] is great. They were so respectful of me and praised me during the shoot. I was a bit nervous because they are big-time athletes and sometimes when you’re around players of that caliber, they would try to “little girl” me, but these guys made me feel super confident.

Having this come out for the Finals in Game 1, people able to dial-in and win prizes – I’m just very excited.

How do you deal with people who try to “little girl” you or who aren’t meeting you with open arms?

For me, you take the good with the bad – I get a lot of positives, so I understand there will be negative and if you’re not getting hate, you’re not doing something right. People will always have something to say and it’s normal in the world – they can’t change anything I do or my perspective of things, as I’m going to stand on what I say. That’s just how I move with things.

What are some goals you have outside of the basketball court?

I want to be an actor – I would like to get into film. Modeling is also something I’m passionate about outside of basketball. My major is communication, so I’ll always want to be in front of the screen. I love me some Taraji P. Henson and would like to work with her. I love her, that’s my girl (laughs).

Basketball will stop at some point; however, my current goal is to get drafted in the WNBA after college. I would like to be able to start my own fashion line for taller women, which is important for me. My edges, nails, and lashes are always laid, so I would like to come out with a lash line, edge control line, and maybe some bundles, too.

Is there a brand you would like to work with?

Fenty Beauty is on my list – I love Rihanna, so that would be fun.

What’s your goal once you’re drafted to the WNBA?

My biggest goal would be to make the team and become Rookie Of The Year. I would like to win a championship, as I like to be a part of a winning team, and continue to learn from the veterans. Hopefully, I’m able to be drafted to a team where I can still pursue modeling — like Atlanta, New York, Dallas or Los Angeles, so I can work in both worlds.