Scar Lip is not playing games when it comes to her city. Earlier this month, the Bronx-born, Brooklyn-raised emcee unveiled a new single titled “This Is New York,” an aggressive effort that takes inspiration from the late legend DMX. As such, Scar Lip used the booming production to send a scathing message to both visiting tourists and feeble residents alike.

“This is New York, f**k I look like tellin’ a n**ga good mornin’? F**k I look like bein’ nice, sweet, charmin’, and warmin’? Get the f**k out New York, you ain’t welcomed anymore, get the f**k out New York, we ain’t feelin’ you no more, back the f**k up! Move the f**k back!”

“This Is New York” also boasts a matching visual that comes courtesy of WhoTheWizz. Viewers will see the rising star mobbing heavy in different locations within Harlem, including on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and the nearby St. Nicholas Houses. All in all, Scar Lip is bringing raw energy that’s reminiscent of gangsta rap during the late ’90s and the early aughts.

In an interview with No Jumper (above), Scar Lip explained the tragic origin of her name.

“I was going to a football game with my friends, and my aunt basically was like, ‘You gotta be home at a certain time. If you’re not home, we’re not gonna let you in,'” she began. “I made sure I came back earlier than the time I was supposed to come back. I knocked on the door, and they basically acted like they wasn’t home.”

After being turned away, she was then accosted by an older brother who demanded money. After multiple refusals, things became physical. “When he punched me, I fell back… I just started seeing stars, I blacked out. I woke up in the street. My mouth was bleeding, there was blood everywhere.”

Press play on “This Is New York” — and another recent banger titled “Glizzy Gobbler” — below.