Tamar Braxton, Nivea, and Evelyn Lozada have no plans on letting true love slip away.

The ladies put 21 men to the test to secure the partner of their dreams in the new Peacock Original “Queens Court.” The show let viewers into the innermost thoughts of their favorite reality show divas as they put their hearts on the line in Atlanta following a string of excruciating high-profile relationships, divorces, and crushed dreams.

Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, Rodney Peete, hosted season one and guided the three superstars through dating their new suitors. Braxton, Nivea, and Lozada were intent on walking away with new beginnings and some extra muscle on the side!

In an exclusive conversation with REVOLT prior to the season one finale airing, the ladies spoke about what they were looking for in their next partner and what they want women to always remember about themselves. Braxton also shared what fans can expect from her upcoming album. Read below!

Tamar already shared she wouldn’t want to date rappers or athletes. Evelyn and Nivea, what’s an automatic “No” for you?

Evelyn Lozada: I do not want another athlete – I’ve had three associations I’ve experienced, and I’m cool on that (laughs). At this point in my life, I want someone who has a job, is a go-getter, is smart, is in tune with their feelings, and caring. I want all those things. I rather someone who isn’t famous.

Tamar Braxton: Fun fact, I’ve never dated a rapper or an athlete before. I don’t because all my girlfriends have ended up in a toxic situation, and I want someone who is just as serious as I am about the trajectory of our life moving forward. I wanted to meet someone with life experiences, so I said that.

Nivea: I don’t want to give away how my ending occurs, but I want someone who wants to be in a relationship (laughs).

What’s one thing you always want women to remember?

Lozada: Remember you’re worthy. I know many of the decisions I made in relationships, I allowed certain things to happen because I didn’t feel worthy enough of having a real life and for someone to respect me. Being a bit older, I know that about myself, and after all these years of letting these men treat me a certain way, I don’t regret it, and I would do it all over again because it gave me wisdom, so now I give the most excellent advice to my daughter on dating. You’re worthy of true love and deserve someone to love and honor you.

When did you realize you fully love yourselves?

Braxton: When I was not willing to settle anymore. I didn’t care about what people had to say anymore. People could put me in a category of being “cocky” — that’s fine because I’m not settling, and I deserve what I deserve.

If you could use one of your records to describe your dating life now, which one would it be and why?

Braxton: He trying to get the tea, sis (laughs).

Nivea: You are trying to get the tea because if I say something, you’ll know (laughs). I’ll say “Complicated,” and love shouldn’t be complicated. It should fall in place [with an equal desire] to work through it together.

Tamar, what can fans expect from the upcoming project?

Braxton: It’s incredible, and it’s worth the wait.

Finish this sentence: To be a queen, you must always…

Lozada: Be respectful.

Nivea: Try not to judge.

Braxton: Remain f**k n**ga free, ahem (laughs).