Back in February, London talent re’mi unveiled his latest single, “In n Out,” a smooth offering that he produced alongside Joco. The track sees him on a stream of consciousness about his life and career.

“Before I had the Timbs or the Vans on, I could never hear a comment from an anon, them man are talkin’ in space, it’s all weightless, couldn’t be a fool on my Vandross… If you see me on my Js, I’m prolly wit’ some 1s, have similarities to Ye, but I’m without a god…”

Formerly known as Reppatwa, re’mi has been making waves via well-received drops like “Can I Tell U..,” “Bittersweet,” “What Else?,” “Window Seat,” and Bring a Friend, the last of which is a four-song EP alongside producer JON. Via press release, he explained the meaning behind his updated moniker.

“The name is a spin on my birth name,” re’mi revealed. “I wanted my music to come from a more honest place. I like to find balance in my music between rapping and melodies — the apostrophe is meant to signify that with the two letters on each side.”

About a decade ago, re’mi delivered his J Dilla-inspired debut LP, Reppalations, an amazing blend of infectious harmonies and traditional hip hop lyricism. Following that came the equally dope project A Collection, a full-length offering that delved further into West Coast vibes.

In an interview with with Behind The Dreams (above), re’mi opened up about his writing process, or lack thereof.

“Do you want to learn the main reason I learned how to freestyle? ‘Cause I have a short memory,” he admitted. “So I would often forget my lyrics and I’m just like, ‘Now I’m going to have to improvise. Then that’s just how it came about.'”

Press play on re’mi’s “In n Out” single below.