REVOLT and Jason Lee have struck gold with their latest series, “The Jason Lee Show.” And with guests like rapper Cardi B, industry veteran La La Anthony, rising actor Da’Vinchi, and couple Blueface and Chrisean Rock, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will show up next. This week’s installment, which aired yesterday (Feb. 8), may go down in history as one of the wildest episodes yet, as Lee sat down with actress and host Claudia Jordan as well as veteran comedian Luenell.

Lee got straight to business questioning Luenell about her comedy content and whether fans could expect to hear any jokes about Kanye West during her sets. However, despite what appears to be an endless source of material given his antics over the last several months, the 63-year-old said covering West is “not interesting to my demographic.” “He has other people to give him platforms; he just doesn’t have mine — it’s not important to me,” Luenell added.

The conversation swiftly moved on from one controversial celebrity to another after Lee asked Jordan about an incident in which she and Former President Donald Trump allegedly shared a kiss. Jordan clarified, “I didn’t kiss Trump, but Trump kissed me” before giving her version of what went down at the disgraced businessman’s residence.

“He has a house in Beverly Hills, like right by the Beverly Hills Hotel, and said they were having a party over there. So, I was going to meet my girl and said I’ll stop by, say, ‘What’s up?’ ‘Cause that’s when I was friends with him. He put me on a bunch of shows,” Jordan explained.

She continued, “I stopped by… There’s, like, nobody there. Like, three people. That old trick that they be doing… ‘Oh, we’re having a party.’” The “VH1 Couples Retreat” star said that while Trump was “acting” like he was waiting for the rest of his party guests to arrive, he asked her if she wanted a tour of the house. Jordan admitted she was hesitant to take Trump up on his offer, noting that it soon became apparent the “Celebrity Apprentice” boss had more in mind than a light stroll around the estate.

“It was a really awkward moment where he was like I tried you, you didn’t go for it, but I tried,” she added.

Elsewhere, Jordan and Luenell opened up about their experiences working on reality television. Luenell hosted “Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta: The Reunion Part 1 & 2,” admittedly for the first and last time. The entertainer stated that she could perform 20 minutes of comedy and earn more than the five-figure check Jordan claimed to have been paid for hosting “Bobby I Love You Purrr, The Reunion: Part 1-3.” “Without having to go through the hatred and the s**t,” Luenell noted.

The conversation continued and dipped into the aftermath of Will Smith’s 2022 Oscars slap. Jordan said she felt the Academy Award winner’s decade-long ban was too severe, noting it ultimately “affects other people and all the movies he’s done. I don’t think that’s fair at all,” she added. Meanwhile, Luenell recalled meeting Chris Rock backstage at a show in Sacramento, CA, where she shared a few kind words with the stand-up comedian about his work and career. “I said, ‘I just want to tell you I think that you’re a funny motherf**ker. I respect your work. I’m very honored to be on with you tonight,’” she explained before adding, “He said, ‘I’m very honored to be onstage with you too.’” The actress admitted the response “shocked” her.

She continued, “And as far as the slap goes, let me interject my opinion. I said, ‘You couldn’t do nothing else but what the f**k you did.’ I said, ‘What the f**k? You guys gonna [squabble] onstage at the Oscars?’”

“It’s one thing if you’re at the f**king Source Awards,” she quipped. “Nobody would want that to happen, but then we’d be like, ‘Oh well.’ But you’re on the biggest motherf**king white stage in entertainment.”

Jordan’s history on reality TV was brought up again after Luenell declared her friend’s brief “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season seven appearance “was the worse thing she ever did in her whole f**king life.” Lee disagreed and said he believed the Little Richard actress should still be on the franchise, but Luenell argued, “The s**t she had to endure after that in her real life — it wasn’t worth it.”

When Lee asked Jordan if she agreed with Luenell, the Gutter star said she would go back to the series because when she initially joined the show, she “went in very green and very innocent… I went in like if you have beef with me… I’m really showing up to the scene [as] my authentic self like, ‘Let’s talk it out.’” She added, “I wasn’t aware that I’m really showing up to really figure it out, and [your castmates are] showing up just to get a scene.”

Jordan shared another revelation she had during a turning point in her life, stating, “And I remember when the year I was popping and then two years later when I wasn’t, and I remember inviting friends to little things I would be hosting and none of ‘em showing up. I remember one of them, one person showed up, and it hit me finally: ‘I gotta stop putting value in what I do, and I gotta cut off the people that put in value with me with what I do.’ Do you like me as a person, or do you like me for my f**king career?”

Host Lee livened up the mood with gifts for the ladies, which included various bedroom toys in honor of Luenell’s viral announcement about joining OnlyFans. The Think Like a Man actress said the idea came about after she realized she had “so many Savage X Fenty lingerie pictures that did not get posted on my Instagram.” “I’m not thinking porn,” she said in response to the reactions she’s received. “I’m thinking I got all these photos that have never been posted,” she added. The comedy OG joked that she has since “felt under pressure to produce content.”

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