Hours after family and friends paid homage to Takeoff at a public memorial service in Atlanta on Friday (Nov. 11), Cardi B poured her heart out in a lengthy post that included multiple photos and clips of Takeoff.

In her post, the “Tomorrow 2” rapper noted that the fallen music icon’s absence has left a void felt by people around the world and that the pain of his loss has been unbearable for everyone.

“This has truly been a nightmare and the pain is incomparable,” she began. Elsewhere in the caption, she expressed gratitude for the memories she made with the lyrical trendsetter, writing: “I believe that angels send signs and beautiful dreams to loved ones to assure them that they’re watching them and they’re okay and happy…send your mom some of those.”

For over a decade, Migos has been at the forefront of innovating flows. Several artists and hip hop figures have credited the trio for spearheading the popular wave of the triplet flow and the group’s undeniable melodies. As a fan of the group, Cardi said part of her grief stems from knowing Migos will never again be the dynamic three-man act the world has come to love.

“To look at pictures and videos of y’all together, and hearing y’all songs that changed the music industry and moved the culture and had the clubs lit. It hurts because I know it will never be the same again,” the Grammy winner continued.

Ending the post, Cardi concluded: “I know your bros and y’all fans will make sure the world never forgets the impact you made. I will remember your remarkable talent and your dope a** personality… I know God opened the heavenly gates for you with a warm embrace. Rest in power TakeOff.”

In honor of his lasting legacy, The Rocket Foundation was launched to help fund programs combatting gun violence. To donate, click here.

Take a look at Cardi B’s tribute below.