Takeoff’s positive impact on the culture will continue to be felt despite his tragic and untimely passing. In the wake of family and fans mourning his loss, a nonprofit organization, The Rocket Foundation, has been launched.

The foundation will “support programs that are saving lives through proven, community-based solutions to prevent gun violence,” according to its website. The first round of recipients to receive funding to benefit life-changing programs include four different organizations.

Those organizations include the Community Justice Action Fund, which works with community leaders to develop strategies to halt gun violence; H.O.P.E. Hustlers, which takes a public health approach toward curbing violence in Atlanta; Live Free, which utilizes a network of leaders to influence change in communities and politics; and the Offenders Alumni Association, which employs former violent offenders to inspire change in their communities.

On Friday (Nov. 11), a celebration of life memorial service was held for family, friends, and fans at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. The event attracted hundreds of people to come out and pay their respects to the 28-year-old artist.

“There are no words or sentiments conveyed that could aptly encompass the love so many had for him and the impact he made on this world,” Takeoff’s family said in his obituary. “Takeoff would want the world to see the light in what he created and keep lifting each other up and supporting the creations people put into the world. He’s now up… there with the stars he loved so much and remains in all our ethers on a daily basis living on through his music and the love he brought to so many.”

In lieu of flowers, Takeoff’s family has asked people to donate to The Rocket Foundation to help create communities that are not plagued by gun violence.