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  /  10.12.2022

Kid Cudi is living every millenial kids’ dream… learning how to skateboard from the legendary Tony Hawk.

Hawk took to social media to share a video compilation of some of the rapper’s first lessons and also revealed that it was actually Cudi who reached out to him for help. “Kid Cudi hit me up recently about wanting to learn how to skate,” Hawk shared via Instagram. “I have now given him two lessons in as many weeks and it has been gratifying to see his commitment to the process. Rarely do beginning skaters take direction so well, or progress as quickly.”

Furthermore, he revealed some of the moves that the Entergalactic emcee has managed to learn thus far. “By the second ‘lesson’ he is turning, doing fakies, kickturns, fakie 180’s and starting to snap ollies,” Hawk continued. “And he’s taken a couple heavy slams in the process! But we skaters know that makes getting up and conquering the challenge even more satisfying.” Cudi responded to his instructor on Twitter and said, “My guy! Got the best coach! Blessed.”

Check out Cudi’s moves in the post below.


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Cudi also took to social media to share his excitement for the new hobby. “The homie and coach Tony Hawk hooked me up [with] a ramp builder,” wrote the 38-year-old in a tweet. “First day of installation tomorrow. This is unreal. Always wanted to skate ramps. I feel like a big kid.”

Hawk, who has been adored by the culture for his iconic moves on the skateboard, revealed how it has been an honor getting to know Kid Cudi and even shared that he is inspired by his “talents in music and film.” “I am thankful he has chosen skateboarding as a new passion, helping to raise awareness and appreciation for our culture to a bigger audience,” Hawk continued in his Instagram caption. “His ‘pursuit of happiness’ now includes a wooden plank and four wheels. And he’ll be fine once he gets it.”

Read the Twitter interaction between Kid Cudi and Tony Hawk below.


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