Doja burst onto the scene in 2018 with her viral hit, “Mooo!” The hilarious track featured melodic vocals and clever bars. Between the lyrics and the animation, it was a sneak peek inside what was to come from the insanely creative entertainer. Since then, she’s continued to wow fans with hit after hit. But now, she’s taking a dive into the gaming world.

Today (Sept. 30), Doja Cat announced her collaboration with Eek! Games for their House Party DLC Expansion Pack. Fans can virtually join the Grammy award-winning celebrity in an edgy comedy adventure game inspired by classic comedies of the 1990s. But, the fun doesn’t end there. Every decision players make influences the game’s storyline.

Will Doja befriend, fall in love or fight with the other characters? The choice is yours! In the game, fans can help the Planet Her artist create her next virtual music video as she simultaneously tries to uncover the secret identity of Dinolicious, a costumed online dancing sensation.

In an exclusive interview with REVOLT, Doja discussed partnering with House Party to become a virtual character in the game, as well as how her music and creativity played a part in the process. Check out the fun chat below!

Do any of your songs appear in the game?
Yes! Part of the story is to help me stream a live video, and I get to perform “Kiss Me More” — on top of a hot tub, of course.

The party also has its own playlist, and if you get my mp3 player you can hook it up to the sound system and I think you can play “Woman” and “Get Into It (Yuh)” and “Kiss Me More.” And yes, I have an mp3 player. Don’t throw shade.

How authentic is your character? Is it Doja Cat or Doja Cat acting as an NPC (non-player character)?
This character is me. You get to party with me, Doja Cat, the performer, but you also get to meet me, Amala, the girl next door. But, it’s not like I’m some dissociative character. It’s all just me. Eek! Games made my digital character using photos and videos of me with real outfits I’ve worn, and I voiced my own lines, and collaborated on my own story.

I love that. What was your favorite part about making the game?
It was exciting to see the behind the scenes process — seeing all the steps it took to bring my character to life and reviewing all the story concepts and visuals when they came in. But, I have to say the best part was the voice acting. I was able to let loose and ad-lib a lot of the lines. Being able to live inside this story was a great experience.

The game is banned on Twitch despite receiving an M-rating from the ESRB and there is a larger conversation about the acceptable level of gratuitous violence in video games versus the censorship of nudity. What are your thoughts on that discussion?
Unban me, b**ches!

Check out the official House Party trailer below.