While Kanye West‘s Thursday (Sept. 22) interview with “Good Morning America” was filled with many insights into his personal and professional life, one thing is for sure: “Sway had the answer.”

The 45-year-old rapper and fashion designer sat down with ABC News’ Linsey Davis to discuss his current battle with his Yeezy brand partners, Adidas and GAP. During his conversation with Davis about his ongoing conflict with the apparel giants, she reminded him of his 2013 interview with Sway Calloway on “Sway in the Morning.”

“So Sway [Calloway] almost 10 years ago said, ‘Man, why don’t you do it on your own?’ Was he right?” Davis asked. West smiled while looking left of the camera, “You know what?” he started. “I will go ahead and say, ‘Sway had the answer.’ I know people are going to be like, ‘Nooo,'” he said, laughing.

In the 2013 interview, West talked about the cultural impact he made and how corporations held him back. As the conversation continued, Calloway suggested to the father of four, “Why don’t you empower yourself and don’t need them and do it yourself?” West quickly rebutted with his now-famous line, “How Sway? You ain’t got the answers, man.”

Last Thursday (Sept. 15), West’s lawyers reached out to the GAP, informing the retailer of the termination of its contract with the rapper and fashion designer. According to Ye, the company failed to meet its contractual obligations. Davis asked West how he would move forward with his brand after the GAP said he couldn’t show Yeezy products or anything similar. “Oh, we got some new lawyers,” he responds with a smile. “We really had to level up and show them—really show them who’s the new boss in town.”

In a deleted Instagram post, Ye shared a drafted document, stating that he could not use, promote or advertise his Yeezy brand. “Welp, I guess the war’s not over,” he said in the caption. The screenshot states in part that, “Neither Yeezy nor Ye may use, wear, sponsor, promote, market, advertise, endorse, design, manufacture, license, sell, or provide consulting services with respect to any of the following products under the Yeezy Trademarks or Ye’s likeness or any other identifiable attribute, feature, or indica of Ye.”

You can watch West’s “Good Morning America” interview and a flashback to his 2013 “Sway in the Morning” interview down below: