Last month, Nardo Wick blessed his fans with a deluxe upgrade of his debut LP Who Is Nardo Wick?, complete with 12 new tracks and assists from The Kid LAROI and Latto. Yesterday (Aug. 16), the Jacksonville star unveiled a new video from said release for “Dah Dah DahDah,” a Trademark and Wheretfisray-produced offering that contains an interpolation of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner.” The track sees Wick rapping about street life and the violence that comes with it:

I’ma brick, baby boy, concrete, lil’ n**ga, yeah, I rap on all that s**t, I’m still a street lil’ n**ga, got more shots than a gym, you wanna beef, lil’ n**ga? I’m who all the h**s like, they wanna be me n**ga, diamonds look just like the static on the TV, n**ga, we ain’t cuffin’ h**s, I play her like a CD, n**ga, pull up, eight contents, you can’t see me, n**ga, shot his a**, then he screamed, ‘Oh, ooh, wee,’ n**ga, if there’s problems, we gon’ solve ’em, got a lot of weapons for the drama…”

The accompanying clip for “Dah Dah DahDah” comes courtesy of Dell Nie and begins with Wick standing under rainfall in a warehouse as lifeless bodies lay around him. The vibes remain pretty dark from there with varied shots of bloodied hands, a creepy costumed figure, and a set of pianos decked with artillery.

As was announced in June, Nardo Wick will be supporting past collaborator Lil Durk on his “7220 Deluxe Tour,” which will also include rising star and OTF member Doodie Lo. The tour kicks off in September and will run through cities in the United States until its close the following month. Press play on Nardo Wick‘s “Dah Dah DahDah” video below.