Lil Fizz is speaking out on his strained relationship with his former bandmate and friend, Omarion. During an episode of the “Drink Champs” podcast, he revealed a specific time he tried to reach out to Omarion only to be ignored.

“What’s up—like, I’m hitting this n**ga up, no response. Reading—read in the DM,” Fizz said as he explained his attempts at talking to Omarion. “No response. Like damn, bro, what’s up?”

Fizz then explains how he even talked to his ex-girlfriend and the mother of Omarion’s two children, Apryl Jones.

“I’m going on the next season [Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood] talking about the group [B2K], putting the s**t back together. I had a conversation with Apryl [Jones] on that season.

Drink Champs” host N.O.R.E. catches on to Lil Fizz, mentioning that he reached out to Omarion through Instagram DMs, of which he reveals that he does not have his contact information. “I don’t have the n**ga’s number. No cap. It’s always been like this,” said Fizz.

He added, “So literally, I hadn’t talked to him from that time til one day I was at Apryl’s crib before the tour even became a conversation. He was coming to drop off his kids, and he saw me sitting on the couch. And I was like, ‘What’s up?’ and he turned and walked away.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Lil Fizz issued an apology to Omarion after the breakup between himself and Apryl.

“I did some f**ked up s**t to my brother,” Fizz revealed. “I did some snake ass shit, and I’m not proud of it. So, I want to sit here humbly and sincerely apologize to you for any turmoil or dysfunction I caused between you and your family.”

Omarion forgave Fizz, telling him it “was all good,” before shaking his hand.

Last month, Omarion announced the release of his documentary, Omega: The Gift and the Curse. In the 3-minute trailer, Omarion promised to clear the air on everything from his personal life, including his former bandmates, B2K, “The Millennium Tour,” and more.

The guys still have some healing to do.

You can watch the entire clip down below: