Last week’s millennial mash-up Verzuz will not soon be forgotten. From watermelons getting action to memes guaranteed to make the group chat lit, it was truly a night that will go down in pop culture history. As previously reported by REVOLT, last Thursday (June 23), Ray J teamed up with Bobby V to vocally battle it out on stage in Los Angeles against Pleasure P and Sammie. The four were supposed to hype the crowd for Omarion and Mario’s performance, and that’s just what they did.

After setting social media on fire and receiving a light scolding from his sister Brandy, also known as “The Vocal Bible,” Ray J has finally explained what went wrong during the show. During Sunday’s (June 26) episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” the “Pump It Up” rapper called the “One Wish” singer to get his take on what went down. Ray J answered the phone with a laugh as if he already knew a grilling session was on the way. “You know you my man, but you making this really tough for me today,” Budden says before he begins to get to the bottom of the Verzuz loss.

“Dude, I know bro. It’s something that I didn’t have planned,” the “Wait a Minute” singer said. After a pause, Budden and his hosts burst into laughter seemingly because the event was not only planned but highly publicized. Ray J shared that he had a great time at the event but was surprised when he woke up the next day and saw the show had gone viral. “I woke up and I seen it and I was like, ‘That’s me? Like, that’s me. That’s me, man,’” he said. Budden then wanted to know what else was going on in order for such a chaotic and eventful R&B night to go down. “Yeah, but that wasn’t wine. What was the drink for [the evening]?” Budden asks.

“The Casamigos,” Ray J responds as he blames the popular tequila. While on the phone, he added that he intends to make up for his performance. “I owe it to the singers and the R&B cats that really do harmonies to come back and redeem myself, “he said. He added that it doesn’t have to be for Verzuz, it can be anywhere, even “on the street.”

Check out the interview below.