/  06.24.2022

What do you get when you mix Miguel, tech developers, and doodle NFTs? The NFT NYC Conference!

Taking place from June 20 to June 24 this year, NFT NYC is a week where Web3 enthusiasts come together to talk about building (with food, drinks, and entertainment readily available, of course). It’s basically the Grammys of Web3. There were thousands of events each day from early morning up until the afternoon that allowed Web3 folks to network, engage, and have a little fun. The great thing about this conference is that there are a wide variety of events to attend: panels, workshops, immersive experiences, concerts, and co-working sessions. There is literally something for everyone. And the best part about it is each of the events include different experts in Web3, from 3D artists to developers, venture capitalists, and everything in between. You can find a whole team for your next project just by attending one of these events. This is undoubtedly where the next start up and Web3 business idea will be invented.

While there were thousands of events going on, there were a few that stuck out above the rest, one of them being the launch event by Calaxy App. This Black-owned marketplace will provide creators and artists a place to sell their work and socialize with fans. CEO and Co-Founder Solo Ceesay and his team just raised $26 million for the project and since it’s one of the few Black-owned marketplaces in the Web3 space, it’s a BIG DEAL! Their event included a mix of deliciously catered food, an open bar, immersive experience, and performances from top artists like Asian Doll and Manny Wellz.

Another cultural experience was hosted by the official NFT NYC team. They company put together a draft day event that included past and present athletes, investors, developers, and creators in Web3. The space was full of Black excellence, and it was amazing to see all of the Black men and women in the tech space. The intersection of sports and Web3 has been widely discussed thanks to athletes taking salaries in Bitcoin and NFT marketplaces like Top Shot. But that is just the tip of the iceberg for how artists can utilize the technology to profit off of their images. It was great to hear how the athletes present were not only open to learning about Web3, but were also brainstorming ways on how to get this information to other athletes and show them how to wield it. These type of events allow for safe spaces to discuss issues that widely affect our communities and connect people who can work together to provide solutions.

If you did not attend the Fewocious NFT NYC event, then you truly missed out on your childhood dreams coming to life. Fewocious is a 19-year-old NFT creator who has made millions of dollars selling his artwork as NFTs. He hosted a paint party for his community where everyone put on suits and was able to paint anywhere within the event space. All of the supplies and gear to paint and create were supplied. There was even an NFT museum display with some of Fewocious’ art, a fortune teller, and dancers curating the vibe. This event, which was thrown in partnership with Billboard, was what every six-year-old would dream of doing if they had their way. It was one of the most fun events that I attended at the conference, and I might even utilize this idea for my 30th birthday.

Physical artists were not the only ones curating experiences — Miguel and his Web3 studio company S1C hosted a private underground rave event to celebrate their launch. This experience brought together the music and Web3 industries, which allowed for many conversations on how we can merge the spaces. Miguel has been providing information about Web3 to his fans via social media and will be utilizing his Web3 studio, not only for his own NFT projects but also to provide a space for other creators to understand and use blockchain technology. This is exactly why this space was created —  to give not just famous artists options but to provide a chance for all artists and creators to be able to monetize their artwork.

Another music-based event was put on by Zora aka Zoratopia. This space allowed Web3 artists to take over and provide an amazing show for their fans, all while meeting their following in real life. Zora is one of the few platforms that works hard to onboard Black artists and set them up with all the proper tools to monetize their music — not to mention, give them a space to perform.

An honorable mention definitely has to go to the Baby Shark NFT event. They had a dope mirror room where you could record videos as well as a photo booth, burlesque dancers, dancers covered in paint, and the list goes on. The various elements provided an amazing experience for their audience. That’s the amazing thing about Web3 — it breaks down traditional barriers we may have seen previously in the tech space, allowing for an intersection of tech and art, networking, creation, and fun experiences.

As you can see, the culture was definitely present at the NFT NYC Conference. Future performed at ApeFest, and Drake attended as well. Game tech company Mythical Games had Quest Love deejay an amazing set (he even played go-go music), and the chainsmokers performed, too. The NFT NYC Conference allowed those in attendance to clearly see the progressive adoption of Web3 into the entertainment space, and I am excited to see what is next.

So, how was my overall experience ? Now y’all know I am going to keep it honest with you — my personal experience was a 10/10. I made some amazing connections and got to meet fellow Web3 enthusiasts who are pushing for progress. But there are a few elements that need some improvement, namely, including more sponsors for Black events, having more paid Black speakers on these huge platforms, including more women, and increasing access for more women to attend in general. That said, I would definitely recommend this conference for anyone looking to network and get into the Web3 space. We need more representation, so make sure to come out and attend next year .


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