Who could ever forget when Yung Miami dropped her single “Rap Freaks” in late 2021?

As she told the fictional story of sex explorations with rap artists, the solo track from the City Girls rapper had the internet shook when she delivered the line, ”I like bad boys, no hoe shit, Diddy, let me put it in your face like them roaches. And put yo’ rich ass to sleep, buenas noches.”

The bar referenced a video Diddy previously posted on social media recalling a time before the money and fame when he was awakened by a number of roaches on his face.

How that horrifying moment turned into a sexual lyric left many listeners baffled and the quick Spanish lesson definitely added a little razzle-dazzle. But, how did the Bad Boy rapper feel about the mention?

In REVOLT’s sneak peek episode of “Caresha Please,” Yung Miami got to the bottom of it. “So, how did you feel when you heard ‘Rap Freaks’?” she asked. “Rap Freaks?” Diddy started before the outspoken host reminded him of the infamous lyrics.

With a smile and a drink in his hands — presumably CIROC or DeLeon — he said, “First of all, I was mad at you because that was a real traumatic story.” The two laughed before he added, “Like, I was traumatized from those roaches and when I heard first, I was just like, ‘Man, she just went and just didn’t know how that really traumatized me.’”

He then shared how he remembered calling her to relay that message and how she laughed at him on the phone. But, how did he feel about the “Jobs” rapper being bilingual?

The ‘buenos noches’ though, I was like, ‘You must be talking ‘bout you. You gots to be talking ‘bout yourself,’” Diddy said as she burst into laughter. “‘Cause you ain’t putting nothing to sleep over here, baby girl,” he continued.

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